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Cheek/Chin Shaping Case

Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping



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Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping
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Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping
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  • Cheek/Chin Shaping
  • Nose Reshaping

Details for Case #10643

This 32-year-old woman disliked how large her nose appeared, and decided she wanted to do something about it. She visited the offices of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates and met with a board-certified plastic surgeon to discuss her goals. In her consultation he explained that while her nose did project forward a noticeable distance from her face, her small chin and the slight hump at her nasal bridge made her nose appear much larger than it really was. Her surgeon gave her clear answers to her procedure questions, and after evaluating her choices they decided together that a Los Angeles nose surgery with a chin augmentation would meet her goals.

Because the nose helps provide structure to the face, in some cases a surgeon will recommend another procedure such as chin or cheek augmentation to help ensure balanced results. This patient’s side-view photos show how, before her procedure, her very small chin emphasized her nose, making it appear larger and longer. To help straighten her profile, her surgeon reduced her nasal hump slightly, then augmented her chin to help create a more even, flattering profile.

Six months following her Pasadena area plastic surgery, she is very pleased with her new, more balanced profile. The tip of her nose has been set slightly closer to her face, and nasal hump has been removed. Her profile appears more even and flattering, and now that her nose appears a more normal size, the focus of her face is on her eyes.

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