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Different Kind of Breast Reduction

It's a plastic surgeon's job to provide medical treatments that improve your look, and hopefully, your confidence. Forget complicated procedures and the largest implants ever inserted—a good plastic surgeon is all about the art of making their patients happy. So what's the one surgery that plastic surgeons find most rewarding? Breast reduction surgery frequently leaves patients extremely satisfied with the results. The Laser Bra is a new type of breast reduction surgery that can give patients even more aesthetically pleasing and painless results, thanks to the harnessed power of laser technology.

The Laser Bra is a technique developed by California plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens. Rather than using a scalpel to remove skin, breast tissue, and fat, Dr. Grant uses a powerful CO2 laser. The laser is ideal for precision cutting, but its main advantage in breast reduction surgery is that it seals off the areas it cuts from blood loss. Laser Bra offers a nearly bloodless breast reduction, which eliminates many of the complications associated with traditional breast reduction.

Laser Bra seeks to improve breast reduction, which already leaves many patients satisfied. "Breast reduction patients are among the happiest patients in my practice and there are many compelling reasons why that is the case," said Dr. Stevens. "They are relieved of the extra weight from over-large breast so their back, neck and arms are pain free. Patients who undergo breast reductions can now wear clothes they could never wear before, they look like they've lost weight, and their bodies look more symmetrical."

For many women with oversized breasts, breast reduction surgery is something that they've been thinking about for most of their lives. It becomes a psychological problem as well as a physical one, and all of that conscious buildup leads to an even greater relief when the problem is solved. Due to the health problems associated with large breasts, breast reduction surgery is sometimes considered a reconstructive surgery rather than a plastic one.

And that's fine and well for many patients, who can benefit from reconstructive surgery insurance coverage. But on the flip side, reconstructive surgery just doesn't get the same type of aesthetic attention as a purely cosmetic procedure, like breast implants or a breast lift. Less attention is paid to the cosmetic outcome of post-operative reduced breasts. Laser Bra breast reduction is a highly effective surgery that decreases the overall size of the breast while producing an aesthetically pleasing result.

Compared to Laser Bra breast reduction, traditional breast reductions are notoriously invasive procedures. One surgery can take up to six hours, during which patients may have to receive a blood transfusion in order to keep from losing too much blood. Such an involved surgery results in a painful recovery. Laser Bra also maintains nipple sensation, which is a huge benefit to women planning to become pregnant and breastfeed.

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