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Chin Implants IN LOS ANGELES, CA

Achieve Facial Symmetry with a Chin Implants

A chin implant can make a noticeable difference in how you look. In some cases, men and women believe their nose is off-balance compared to the rest of their face, but actually, it is their chin. A small chin can make a face look weak or unpolished. Chin augmentation with chin implants is a personalized procedure provided by Marina Plastic Surgery for patients seeking a beautifully proportioned face. Our surgeons are renowned for providing many of the best Chin Implants in Los Angeles, California. Schedule your consultation today.

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What is Chin Implant surgery?

The chin, neck, and jawline contours are improved through genioplasty, often known as chin augmentation surgery. In order to enhance the size and form of the chin and produce a more natural balance between facial features, surgery typically entails the implantation of an implant around your existing chin bone. A weak or sunken chin may be permanently improved via Chin Implants.

Chin Augmentation Options

Dermal fillers and implants for the face are only two of the chin augmentation treatments available. In order to achieve the best outcomes for your profile appearance, Chin Implants are frequently performed in conjunction with nasal surgery.

Dermal Fillers

An excellent non-surgical option for chin augmentation is using facial dermal fillers. Dermal fillers can be used to enhance your profile appearance while you decide whether a chin augmentation with the use of implants is the best choice for you, despite the fact that they are temporary.

Chin Implants

If you choose to have implants placed for your chin augmentation, your surgeon will make a small incision beneath your chin within the lines of your natural creases, making any scarring very unnoticeable. The chin implant is then expertly positioned via the incision and securely sutured to avoid dislodging before the incision is stitched up. In order to reduce the appearance of a double chin and improve your profile, chin augmentation treatments are sometimes combined with rhinoplasty or submental liposuction. You can choose the best course of action to achieve your individual goals for your Los Angeles Chin Implant during your consultation with your doctor.

Am I a good candidate for Chin Implants?

With Chin Implants Los Angeles patients can boost their self-esteem if they feel self-conscious about their sunken or "weak" chin or if their facial features are out of proportion. The advantages of cheek implants include:

  • Adjust the chin's symmetrical relation to the other facial features.
  • Improved neck and jawline definition
  • Minimize the appearance of a full or "double" chin brought on by a tiny chin bone.

A Chin Implant can provide definition and strength to the jawline, resulting in a more proportionate appearance. One of the many advantages of chin augmentation is that you will see the results of the procedure instantly.

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Your Chin Implant Procedure

Chin implant surgery is typically an outpatient operation carried out under general anesthesia or local anesthetic combined with sedation. Either within the lips or beneath the chin, a tiny incision is made. The cosmetic surgeon uses this incision to make room for the chin implant and then secures it around the chin bone. The average operating time for Chin Implant surgery is less than an hour, but it will take longer if you're undergoing other procedures. After surgery, stitches are used to close the incision, and the chin is bandaged.

Chin Implant Recovery

You will be able to go home once the procedure is through. Carefully applied bandages to the treated regions will speed up the healing process. For the first 24 hours, keeping your head correctly elevated is crucial to lessen swelling and bruising.

In the initial weeks, you can have some bruising and swelling. The appearance of your Chin Implants will improve once the swelling has subsided. Any visible sutures are removed within five to seven days following your surgery. Your incision is typically undetectable and will disappear with the application of modern scar-reducing therapy. Temporary numbness or a tightness sensation under the chin is common and can occur at any time.

For at least one to two weeks following surgery, you must sleep face-up with your head raised to reduce post-operative swelling and safeguard your healing incisions. Additionally, depending on your cosmetic surgeon, you might need to follow a liquid-only diet for a day or two following surgery. After receiving Chin Implants in Los Angeles, strenuous exercise can usually be resumed for three to four weeks afterward. To make sure you heal properly and your results look excellent as soon as possible, it's crucial to adhere to the particular recovery guidelines provided by your cosmetic surgeon.

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Chin Implant Results

Within a month of surgery, the results begin to look nearly complete, and after about three months, when any remaining swelling has reduced, they are regarded as complete. Chin Implants are designed to be permanent medical devices that are incredibly sturdy and enduring. Your improved chin contour won't change as you age, but other aspects of your face appearance will. A small chance exists that a chin implant could be harmed by facial trauma and require replacement surgery.

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Schedule your Los Angeles Chin Implant consultation at Marina Plastic Surgery today

Chin augmentation with chin implants is performed at Marina Plastic Surgery for patients seeking a more proportionate appearance. You will be able to see the results of your Chin Implant right away, which is one of the major advantages. Schedule your consultation now to find out more.

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Chin Implant Frequently Asked Questions

You will be kept quite comfortable during your procedure. After your surgery, your doctor will provide pain medication if needed. However, most patients are able to alleviate discomfort with over-the-counter medication.

Chin Implants have a very low risk of problems when done by a skilled, experienced cosmetic surgeon. Infection, internal bleeding, a shift in implant location, inadequate healing, and anesthesia-related adverse effects are examples of potential concerns.

The cost of your procedure is unique to your treatment plan and will differ with each patient. During your consultation, your patient coordinator will discuss your cost and available payment options.

Chin Implants are not covered by medical insurance.


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