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Experience a new level of comfort and confidence in your daily life with our revolutionary Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch. In as little as three minutes, our in-office treatment utilizes cutting-edge SweatControl technology to help you effortlessly manage perspiration. Ditch the embarrassing sweat stains and embrace a professional and sophisticated solution that keeps you confident.

Brella Sweatcontrol Patch at Marina Plastic Surgery

At Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles, we're proud to introduce the latest innovation in hyperhidrosis treatment: the Brella SweatControl Patch. Led by our team of renowned plastic surgeons, our practice is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to enhance the lives of our patients.

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What isHyperhidrosis?

Excessive sweating is a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis, affecting many people globally. This condition can cause sweating in various parts of the body, notably the underarms, regardless of physical activity or environment. There are two types of hyperhidrosis: primary and secondary. Primary hyperhidrosis is not caused by any underlying medical condition but rather by overactive sweat glands. On the other hand, secondary hyperhidrosis is a result of an underlying medical condition, such as diabetes or thyroid problems. People with hyperhidrosis may experience embarrassment, anxiety, and social isolation, causing a negative impact on their quality of life. If you think you might be experiencing hyperhidrosis, it's important to consult a doctor for medical advice.

What causes Hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which a person sweats excessively, even when they are not hot or exercising. It is caused by overactive sweat glands that produce more sweat than is needed to regulate the body's temperature. While some cases are due to genetics, other factors like hormonal imbalances, nervous system issues, certain medications, and medical conditions like Parkinson's disease or spinal cord injuries can also cause it. Hyperhidrosis can be uncomfortable and distressing for people who experience it, and it's important to seek medical advice if you're sweating excessively.

Introducing theBrella SweatControl Patch

Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch is an innovative solution designed to address hyperhidrosis, commonly known as excessive sweating. Utilizing advanced SweatControl technology, this in-office treatment offers a non-invasive and convenient way to manage perspiration. Applied for just three minutes, the Brella patch targets overactive sweat glands, providing targeted relief and helping individuals regain confidence in their daily lives. With its professional and sophisticated approach, Brella promises to revolutionize how people handle perspiration, offering a convenient solution to an often challenging condition.

To learn more about how to address excessive sweating and our Hyperhidrosis Treatment Los Angeles patient can contact us and schedule an appointment today!

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Brella Sweatcontrol Patch Benefits

Experience a transformative improvement in your quality of life with the Brella SweatControl Patch. By effectively managing excessive sweating with our Hyperhidrosis Treatment Los Angeles patients can expect to see numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced confidence and self-esteem: You can now avoid those awkward sweat marks and show off newfound confidence in both personal and professional situations.
  • Improved comfort: Enjoy a dry and comfortable experience, free from the discomfort and inconvenience of excessive perspiration.
  • Non-surgical solution: Opt for a non-invasive treatment option that requires no incisions or downtime, allowing you to resume your daily activities immediately.
  • Targeted relief: The Brella patch provides targeted relief for those struggling with excessive underarm sweating.

Brella SweatControl PatchCandidates

At our practice in Los Angeles Hyperhidrosis Treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch offers a promising solution for individuals struggling with hyperhidrosis, but candidacy for treatment may vary based on various factors. Potential candidates for the Brella patch include individuals experiencing excessive sweating in the underarms who are seeking a non-surgical and convenient treatment option. While the Brella patch is generally well-tolerated, there may be contraindications or disqualifications for certain individuals, such as those with allergies to adhesive materials or underlying health conditions that may affect treatment suitability. Additionally, age considerations may apply, as the Brella patch is typically safe for adults but may not be suitable for children or adolescents. It's essential to consult with a qualified healthcare provider to determine candidacy for the Brella SweatControl Patch and discuss any potential risks or concerns before undergoing treatment.

Using theBrella SweatControlPatch

Using the Brella SweatControl Patch is a simple and convenient Hyperhidrosis Treatment, offering a hassle-free approach to managing excessive sweating. Here's how to use it effectively:

  • Preparation: Ensure the skin is clean, dry, and free from any lotions or oils before applying the patch.
  • Application: Peel off the protective backing from the patch and firmly press it onto the desired area of excessive sweating.
  • Duration: Leave the patch on for the recommended duration, typically around three minutes, to allow the SweatControl technology to take effect.
  • Maintenance: After removing the patch, dispose of it properly and follow any additional instructions provided by your healthcare provider to maintain optimal results.

Brella SweatControl Patch Results

The results of hyperhidrosis treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch can vary depending on individual factors, such as the severity of hyperhidrosis and adherence to the treatment regimen. In many cases, patients experience long-lasting relief from excessive sweating, with results lasting for several months. With consistent treatment, individuals can expect sustained improvement in their hyperhidrosis symptoms, allowing them to enjoy enhanced comfort and confidence in their daily lives.

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Why chooseMarina Plastic Surgery?

Marina Plastic Surgery is a renowned global leader in plastic surgery and aesthetic care, known for its commitment to excellence and legacy of innovation. It was founded by Dr. Grant Stevens, a respected plastic surgeon in Los Angeles, who developed a highly personalized and meticulous approach to patient care. Dr. Stevens prioritizes the needs of his patients, which has resulted in the creation of loyal patients for life from all over the world. Marina Plastic Surgery continues to offer innovative aesthetic care services, both surgical and non-surgical, tailored to the unique goals of each patient. The clinic has a team of highly skilled specialists who are dedicated to achieving exceptional outcomes for their patients. Whether you're interested in a mommy makeover, breast augmentation, or advanced skincare treatments, Marina Plastic Surgery invites you to experience the difference and become part of its esteemed family of patients.

Learn More About Brella SweatControl Patch at Marina Plastic Surgery Today

Ready to take control of excessive sweating and regain your confidence? Marina Plastic Surgery has a solution for you! The Brella SweatControl Patch is a revolutionary hyperhidrosis treatment that can help you take control of your sweating and boost your confidence. Our team of experts is committed to providing you with personalized solutions that are tailored to your needs and preferences. So, if you want to achieve your aesthetic goals with precision and care, contact us today to schedule a consultation. Don't let excessive sweating hold you back from living your best life!

Brella SweatControl Patch Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Brella SweatControl Patch has received clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), ensuring its safety and efficacy in managing excessive sweating.

Absolutely. The Brella SweatControl Patch is a safe and non-invasive treatment option for managing hyperhidrosis, providing effective results with minimal risk or discomfort.

While hyperhidrosis treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch offers significant relief from hyperhidrosis symptoms, it is important to note that it provides a temporary solution. However, some patients may experience long-lasting results with regular use.

The cost of the hyperhidrosis treatment with Brella SweatControl Patch can vary depending on factors such as the number of patches required and the individual treatment plan. We recommend scheduling a consultation with our team to discuss pricing and payment options tailored to your specific needs.

Insurance coverage for hyperhidrosis treatment may vary depending on your provider and specific policy. We recommend contacting your insurance company directly to inquire about coverage for hyperhidrosis treatments. Additionally, our team can provide assistance and guidance in navigating insurance matters during your consultation.


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