Breast Reconstruction in Los Angeles, CA

The joy and relief of surviving breast cancer may be tinged by a sense of loss after a mastectomy, double-mastectomy, or lumpectomy. If you have lost a breast or breasts through breast cancer surgery, a breast reconstruction in Los Angeles can improve your self-confidence and help to ease your recovery, so that you can look (and begin to feel) like yourself again.

Choosing Breast Reconstruction

When breasts are removed through surgery, some breast cancer survivors from Los Angeles feel that breast reconstruction will help them to feel physically and emotionally “whole” again.

If you are interested in breast reconstruction, you may want to consider beginning the reconstruction process at the same time as your mastectomy or, if your breast has already been surgically removed, you may begin the reconstruction process during what is called a “delayed” reconstruction.

Approaches to Breast Reconstruction

Your anatomy is unique, so the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery will create a customized treatment plan specifically for you. There are several different ways in which your breast reconstruction can be accomplished:

Patients For Life®

Our surgeons have a thorough understanding of the anatomy and aesthetics of the female figure, gained through many years of plastic surgery experience. They have the skill and artistic eye to make your breast reconstruction a true success – giving you a result that looks and feels like your own natural breast.

The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery have helped many Southern California women improve their appearance with plastic surgery. They provide a safe and supportive atmosphere so that patients feel comfortable speaking openly about their concerns and goals. To learn more about breast reconstruction, you can request your appointment online and learn how you can receive a private consultation with one of our surgeons.

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