Resonic Cellulite Treatment in Los Angeles, CA

Resonic is a groundbreaking treatment that uses Rapid Acoustic Pulse technology to reduce the appearance of cellulite in fewer treatments, more comfortably, and with better results. Marina Plastic Surgery & Medspa is proud to be the first practice in the world to offer this breakthrough technology.

Resonic is Rethinking Cellulite Removal

If you’re looking for an effective cellulite treatment, you are in luck! Marina MedSpa is the world’s very first Resonic provider! This brand new technology is completely non-invasive, yet provides spectacular results.

Introducing first-of-its-kind cellulite treatment technology - RESONIC reimagines cellulite treatment with a completely non-invasive approach using Rapid Acoustic Pulse Technology. If you're one of the 90% of US women who experience cellulite, your wildest treatment dreams are about to come true. No needles, no downtime, and impressive results after just one session. Get exclusive access to this revolutionary new treatment.

Resonic for Cellulite Removal

How does Resonic for cellulite work?

Until now, the treatment options for cellulite reduction have involved multiple treatments to temporarily tighten the skin or surgical procedures that produce inconsistent results. Such treatments have left much to be desired because they fail to address cellulite at its source.

Cellulite is caused by the stiffening of bands (called septa) that connect the skin to underlying muscles due to aging. As these bands, which are typically surrounded by fat cells, lose their elasticity, the tension between the skin and muscles becomes uneven, creating cellulite’s characteristic dimpling.

Resonic delivers high-frequency sound waves as many as 50 times per second to reduce septa stiffness and smooth skin. This innovative treatment is so efficient and effective that optimal results can be achieved in a single one-hour session, making Resonic the ideal cellulite reduction treatment.

What are the benefits of Resonic for cellulite reduction?

In addition to Resonic’s ability to produce better results in less time, Resonic offers several benefits that make it the clear choice for cellulite removal. Resonic is non-invasive, and unlike other non-invasive cellulite treatments, Resonic causes no bruising. Resonic cellulite treatment is non-surgical, so it can reduce cellulite without a single injection, anesthesia, or downtime. As soon as their one-hour session is complete, our Los Angeles Resonic patients will be free to return to all of their regular daily activities, without missing a beat!

What happens during my Resonic for cellulite treatment?

Resonic is a completely non-surgical, non-invasive acoustic cellulite treatment. During your one-hour session, our Resonic technicians will pass the Resonic device over the areas of your body suffering from cellulite. With each pass, Resonic delivers high-frequency soundwaves directly to the septa that cause cellulite. As these sound waves vibrate the septa, they break down the rigidity of these structures, loosening them up and relaxing the tension in the skin that causes cellulite.

While other cellulite treatments involve going in and cutting or dissolving the septa, Resonic is able to generate visible cellulite reduction without any injections or surgery.

What should I expect after my Resonic for cellulite treatment?

Immediately after their Resonic cellulite treatment Los Angeles patients may find the treatment area slightly warm to the touch, and they may experience a tingling sensation. Redness is also common right after treatment. However, these mild conditions can be expected to resolve within just a few hours.

The appearance of cellulite in the treatment area will progressively improve as the skin adjusts to the septa’s restored elasticity.

Faster results, no bruising, cellulite improvements, real satisfaction, no downtime, no surgery

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Resonic FAQs

Does Resonic hurt?

Resonic is non-invasive, non-surgical, and painless. As the Resonic wand passes over your body, you may feel some warmth as the high frequency sound waves stimulate your skin and septa. That warm, tingling sensation may continue for a while following treatment, but it resolves on its own shortly after your procedure. There is no downtime for Resonic, and you are free to resume your day immediately after treatment.

Will insurance cover it?

Resonic is an elective cosmetic procedure and insurance will not cover it.

Are there other treatments like Resonic?

While Marina MedSpa offers multiple treatments for cellulite reduction, Resonic is the first treatment ever to use sound waves to control cellulite, and Marina MedSpa is the first practice in the world to offer it to our patients. Marina has a history of being a trailblazing provider of innovative and effective aesthetic treatments, and Resonic is the latest achievement in that long legacy.

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