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What if you could give your breasts their due by relocating the excess fat that has been accumulating in your thighs and stomach? We at Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles can perform fat transfer breast augmentation. Our doctors are at the forefront of plastic surgery. They have been trained at some of the greatest hospitals and universities in the country and hold board certifications in their respective fields. Care that is both individual and sympathetic is what you can expect at Marina Plastic Surgery. You can rest assured you have found Marina Plastic Surgery which will help you towards your pursuit for aesthetic excellence.

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What is Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

A Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation is a cosmetic operation that enlarges the breasts using the patient's own body fat. This procedure, also known as an autologous fat transfer or graft, is an excellent option for women who desire larger, more aesthetically pleasing breasts but may not desire the dangers and recuperation time associated with a breast implant procedure. Additionally, it's a fantastic way to contour other body parts simultaneously.

Put those stubborn fat deposits to use! Your belly fat can be the key to a stunning physique throughout the next swimsuit season. The appearance of pre-existing implants can be improved with a fat transfer breast augmentation Los Angeles plastic surgeons can use it as a reconstructive procedure for women who have had breast surgery or sustained an injury.

Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Augmentation With Implants

For ladies who want a gentle, natural-looking increase in their breast size, a fat transfer breast augmentation is the best option. Compared to implants, breast fat transfer offers a number of benefits. While fat grafts permanently occupy the breasts, implants must be removed and changed every few years. Since the material used in a fat transfer is not foreign to your body, there is also little to no risk of an adverse reaction.

What are the benefits of a Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation?

Fat transfer Breast Augmentation is commonly referred to as Natural Breast Augmentation and may provide you with better options than breast implants. These advantages include not needing to maintain implants or worry about implants, as well as little scarring due to the fact that the donor area is used to liposuction the fat that will later be injected into your breasts. Additionally, with this procedure, there are no incisions placed on your breasts. Additionally, the fat removed from the problem areas makes those areas look more slim and sculpted.

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Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Procedure

During your Los Angeles Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation consultation, your surgeon will choose the proper size for your natural breast augmentation and make sure that your size and shape provide long-lasting comfort and confidence. Depending on how much breast tissue is required to achieve the desired breast volume, the total procedure, which includes liposuction and breast augmentation, often lasts two to four hours.

Your operation starts with the liposuction of fat from your natural fat deposits, which are often the belly and the inner and outer sides of the thighs, once the correct anesthetic has been delivered. In order to create thinner contours, this extra fat is liposuctioned away while still leaving tiny, undetectable entry sites into the donor site. A centrifuge separates the clean fatty tissue used for injections from the fat.

The patient's breasts will subsequently have a strategic second injection of fat from your surgeon to add natural-looking volume and attain the correct shape. Your doctor will purposefully inject excess fat into your breasts because not all fat will properly establish itself there, preventing volume loss during your recovery. The body will naturally absorb any fat that does not transfer during the transfer.

Breast Implants with Fat Transfer Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation can be a fantastic approach for your surgeon to "smooth out" the results for women who are dissatisfied with the outcomes of their breast implant surgery. Artificial breast implants can be given a more natural shape by adding a layer of fat over them. Additionally, it can reduce skin rippling or abnormalities, giving you the desired form and size. This is particularly helpful for thin women because they might not have enough fat or breast tissue to allow an implanted device to "fit in" with their chest.

With implants, it can be particularly difficult to achieve natural cleavage because thinner patients may appear to have a bigger gap between their breasts. To fix this and make a lovely meeting point on the patient's chest, fat can be injected.

Breast Lift with Fat Transfer

You can add a breast lift to be performed along with your fat transfer breast augmentation. However, depending on the level of lift required, there are three different types of incisions for a breast lift. The areolar margin has the scar from the periareolar incision, which is used for minor lifts. For medium lifts, the circumvertical ("lollipop") incision is used; the scar runs vertically from the areola to the base of the breast. The scar around the areola, which is vertical and in the breast crease, is created by the "anchor" inverted T incision, which is used for bigger lifts.

The nipple and areola are related to the milk ducts and nerve endings and are still attached to the underlying breast tissue with all three incision types. As the tiny nerves surrounding the areola are renewing, there may be a brief loss of nipple and areolar feeling.

Breast Reconstruction Using Fat Transfer

With auto-augmentation, women who have undergone a mastectomy or lumpectomy can regain a stunning set of symmetrical breasts. Since fat is a natural component of the breast and allows the treated breast to feel and behave the same as an untreated breast, fat grafting is the best method for naturally treating breast abnormalities. To produce a symmetrical look, your surgeon can apply the exact amounts of fat in the precise right places.

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Schedule your Los Angeles Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation consultation at Marina Plastic Surgery today

A fat transfer breast augmentation can address a variety of problems and worries you could have with your breasts. Patients are urged to get in touch with Marina Plastic Surgery to arrange a consultation in Los Angeles if they want breast augmentation or correction along with body contouring.

Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Recovery

For the best outcomes following your fat transfer breast augmentation, you'll receive detailed post-operative instructions. After your treatment, you'll need transport home, and you might also require help with daily tasks for the first few days as you heal.

Your bandages will be able to be taken off in two to three days. Because there are no drainage tubes or recovery from implant insertion, natural breast augmentation frequently has a faster recovery period. However, to offer support and reduce swelling, a compression garment is worn for a few weeks. You might notice a little swelling and bruising where you had liposuction, but these side effects will go away in a few weeks.

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Your Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation Results

You will notice an instant consequence of contouring in the donor locations because the fat that was grafted there won't return. You won't see your full outcomes until any breast swelling goes down and the tissues meld with the surrounding tissue. For those who have adequate extra fat and want to increase or re-volumize an area, fat transfer can produce voluptuous, natural-looking results.

A fat transfer breast augmentation can fix uneven breasts in a way that looks natural. You won't have any unattractive scarring from liposuction or fat injections because they employ thin cannulas, and you can instead appreciate your larger breasts and streamlined curves. The body recognizes and accepts fat cells, as opposed to fillers and implants, which run the risk of being rejected by the body; therefore the majority of results are long-lasting.

Fat Transfer Breast AugmentationFrequently Asked Questions

Due to the anesthetic you are receiving, you won't experience any pain during the procedure. The doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery also offer a post-treatment strategy to keep you at ease and lessen any discomfort throughout your recovery.

A safe and efficient surgery is fat transfer breast augmentation. While side effects like infection, cysts, microcalcification, and potential necrosis of the transferred fat cells are rare, they can happen. These issues will be covered at your meeting with the surgeon.

The cost of your breast augmentation will depend on a number of factors, including the depth of your liposuction since no two people are the same. Your surgeon will give you a quote for the cost of your breast augmentation during your private appointment and be able to address any concerns you may have regarding the cost and process. Your doctor is a board-certified breast surgeon who believes that every woman should have access to breast augmentation since she is aware of the potentially life-changing effects of the procedure. Patients who meet the eligibility requirements have financing options.

Scarring around the breasts is little to nonexistent with fat transfer breast augmentation. While implant implantation necessitates scarring on or near the breast, fat transfer leaves relatively little scarring in its healing process.

More than one fat transfer is possible. You'll need at least one additional fat transfer if you're determined to avoid implants but still want to go up two cup sizes, which is a common request. If, after your first fat transfer, you were an A cup and you increased to an A and a half, but you now want to be a B, you can undergo a second one because you now have more surface area than you did at the beginning and more alive fat cells from your first transfer that can support, feed, and oxygenate additional fat cells.

Medical insurance does not pay for cosmetic procedures like fat transfer breast augmentation. For your convenience, Marina Plastic Surgery does, however, provide payment and financing options.

Your fat transfer breast augmentation is an outpatient surgery. However, since you might still feel the effects of your anesthesia, you must have a driver take you home. Your surgeon could insist that you spend the first night following surgery in an after-care facility, depending on your treatment strategy and whether you underwent any further operations.


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