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A Permanent Solution—Ear Surgery

People have Otoplasty (ear surgery) for two reasons—to treat their uneven ears or to fix their ears from sticking out (ear pinning). However, the size, shape, and placement of the outer ear can all be significantly improved with cosmetic ear surgery at Marina Plastic Surgery. Men, women, and children over five are the best candidates for Otoplasty at our Los Angeles, CA, location. Book an appointment for your consultation to learn more about ear surgery and whether it would be a good procedure for you or your child.

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What is Otoplasty?

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, is a procedure that can change the size, shape, and position of your ears. It can also adjust Earlobes that are large and stretched out. This type of surgery is usually done on children aged five or older, but it depends on how developed their ears are. If you have had an injury to your ear(s), otoplasty may be needed for reconstruction.

Am I a good candidate for Otoplasty?

Being smoke-free and, in general, good health are essential. We always strive to deliver the best otoplasty Los Angeles can offer; however, it is essential that patients have specific expectations for their otoplasty that are both realistic and unambiguous.

Like your fingerprints, each ear is different. However, the size of your ears has a purpose, and healthy ears should protrude from your skull. Your ear protrusion also gives you enough room to wash behind your ears, wear glasses, headphones, or even hearing aids, in addition to aiding heartbeats.

Your surgeon will evaluate your concerns and review your surgical alternatives during your Otoplasty. For instance, certain people may not be good candidates for ear surgery if they have bleeding disorders, problems with wound healing, or other long-term medical concerns.

Your Otoplasty Procedure

The length of your otoplasty operation could range from two to three hours, depending on its complexity. You are initially given either local or general anesthetic, and you are kept quite comfortable throughout the process.

Depending on the kind of Otoplasty done, your surgeon may employ one of a few distinct techniques. Typically, behind-the-ear incisions are made, and the extra tissue can be cut away, folded, or reshaped with stitches. Finally, bandages are placed and wrapped around your head to cover the area and keep your ears in place once the desired result has been achieved.

Otoplasty Recovery & Results

Ear surgery is less intrusive than other procedures and offers little recovery time and discomfort. A soft headband is placed around your head in place of the dressings a few days after your treatment; this protection is still required for the next two weeks. Depending on your surgical strategy, you might need to sleep upright and avoid putting pressure on your ears.

The sutures are taken out a week after surgery. You can anticipate your ears being red, slightly swollen, and bruised for several weeks. Oral painkillers can ease any discomfort, such as itching or throbbing. Children and adults can start playing sports or engaging in other demanding activities in four to six weeks. You will see your full results once any swelling goes down. Depending on the type of ear surgery, the majority of patients see a noticeable change. Your accomplishments endure forever.

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Our board-certified Los Angeles plastic surgeons focus on cosmetic and reconstructive procedures for the face, breast, and body. Our dedicated and knowledgeable personnel will support you throughout your surgical procedure when you require patient and compassionate treatment. Through a targeted approach, our surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery are dedicated to assisting every patient in achieving their aesthetic goal for stunning and realistic-looking results.

Otoplasty Frequently Asked Questions

During surgery, either a local anesthetic or general anesthesia keeps you quite relaxed. You could suffer some irritation or throbbing in your ears as you heal, but these side effects usually go away in five to seven days and can often be treated with over-the-counter drugs.

Otoplasty is a surgical procedure that can change the shape or position of your ears. It can be done for cosmetic reasons or to improve hearing or relieve a medical condition. Complications are rare, but some risks include dizziness, ringing in the ears, facial paralysis, or hearing loss.

Different patients will have different treatment plans based on their specific ear concerns. The cost of surgery will depend on the individualized procedure plan. Your consultation with a surgeon will include discussing your options and how much the surgery will cost.

Otoplasty should not be done until the ears have finished developing— usually when a child is five years old. Therefore, younger children should normally wait to have this surgery until their ears are fully formed. However, some nonsurgical solutions might be able to fix a misshapen ear while it is still growing.

Medical insurance does not generally pay for cosmetic ear surgery. It is best to speak with your insurance company to learn more about your coverage options. Marina Plastic Surgery does not accept insurance, for your convenience we do offer financing alternatives.


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