No-Drain Tummy Tuck in Los Angeles, CA

Doctor Stevens utilizes progressive tension sutures inside the tissues to close off the space and also relieve tension on the final surgical closure. This translates into less pain, less discomfort, no drains to deal with, and better scarring from less tension. Also, there is no opening from the outside world into the tissues, potentially minimizing infection risk.

No-Drain Tummy Tucks – less pain, less anxiety, better results!

Surgical drains are a feared part of abdominplasty surgery for many patients. They are awkward, irritating and uncomfortable. The tubes and collection devices make walking, dressing, and showering more difficult.

This can translate into a longer recovery period. Patients worry about the pain that can be associated with pulling the drainage tubes out. Drains are commonly used in surgery to prevent fluid from accumulating between tissue planes. In tummy tuck surgery, there is a space between the abdominal wall and the overlying fat and skin (the abdominal “flap”).

If nothing is done to close this space, the body will do what it normally does during the healing process – produce fluid. Since there is nothing to restrict the fluid from accumulating, a seroma can form in this space. Basically, the tissue produces fluid faster than it can reabsorb. Plastic surgeons place negative suction drains in spaces like this to both remove the fluid and create suction between the tissue planes. However – there is a way to eliminate this space without using uncomfortable drainage tubes.

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We have successfully used progressive tension sutures during abdominoplasty instead of surgical drains for more than 6 years, with a lower seroma rate than is commonly thought to occur with tummy tucks and drains.

“The seroma rate I have experienced using this method is almost zero. I don’t worry about seromas anymore, and my patients don’t worry about drains. I am very happy with this technique and my patients are so grateful that they do not have to experience drainage tubes after tummy tuck surgery.”

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