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Cellulite Has Finally Met Its Match!

Globally, nine out of ten adult women develop cellulite. Not one of them likes it. Cellulite is exasperating. In most cases, it is not the result of being overweight or sedentary, even though many people think it is. Even highly conditioned women with low body fat get cellulite. Until recently, while there have been ways to make cellulite somewhat less visible, there have only been a few, flawed methods to attempt to eliminate it. Enter our Los Angeles Cellulite Treatment, Aveli.

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Aveli is a new, innovative, and FDA-approved technology that treats cellulite by destroying it at the foundational level. Aveli is the most advanced cellulite treatment available. In addition, Aveli is minimally invasive and requires only one brief treatment session.


First, it’s important to understand how cellulite works. Bands of connective tissue just beneath the skin on your buttocks, hips, and thighs pull and tug on your skin’s surface. This uneven pressure creates the frustrating and unsightly lumpy dimples we call cellulite. These connective bands—known medically as septa—must be severed to relieve that pressure, thus allowing your skin to relax and “even out.”

Using Aveli’s high-tech handheld device, your doctor can precisely and reliably eliminate cellulite, dimple by dimple. The device, which includes a light and a hook, can be easily and comfortably slid just under your skin. The light allows for reliable navigation, while the hook is used to locate and confront septa.

When the hook encounters one of these connective bands, it releases a tiny blade that severs the septa. There is no “guesswork” because Aveli’s advanced technology allows your doctor to confirm—in real-time—that the targeted cellulite dimple has been completely released.


Aveli represents a huge step forward in the fight against cellulite because it:

  • Involves only a single treatment session
  • Is minimally invasive
  • Requires little to no downtime
  • Can verify with 100 percent certainty that a targeted dimple has been eliminated
  • Has fewer side effects and possible risks than previous cellulite procedures
  • Is FDA-approved


Female hormones clearly play a role since cellulite is so common—in fact, really almost universal—among women. Genetics may make some women more prone to severe cellulite than others. Here’s what we know about how the aging process impacts cellulite. As we get older, our fat cells grow, our skin begins to thin, and those sub-dermal connective bands (septa) shrink and stiffen. The almost inevitable result is cellulite.


While there are no formal age restrictions, most Aveli patients are women between the ages of 25 and 45 who are in good general health.

If your doctor finds that your cellulite is caused primarily by excessive and generalized skin laxity rather than restrictive septa, Aveli is probably not the right treatment for you. Ideal candidates for Aveli Cellulite Reduction:

  • Have not had any liposuction procedures on their treatment areas
  • Have not undergone a weight loss of more than 30 pounds
  • Have fewer than 25 cellulite dimples in a given treatment area
  • Have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25 or less
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For our patients in Los Angeles Aveli Cellulite Reduction treatments typically take about an hour. After giving you a local anesthetic on your treatment areas, your doctor will make several small incisions. That will enable your doctor to insert the Aveli device just underneath your skin. When cellulite-causing septa are identified and located, the “hook” portion of the Aveli device releases a tiny cutting tool to release them. And remember that Aveli’s unique technology can immediately confirm that a targeted septa has been severed.Your treatment session ends with the application of absorbent dressings and cushioned pads to your treatment areas. “Precise” is the word that best describes this procedure.


While you can immediately return to almost all of your normal activities, it’s good to wait about two weeks to resume any vigorous lower-body exercise such as running or cycling. Following Aveli Los Angeles patients can expect some temporary light bruising in your treatment areas. You may also feel some pressure and tenderness when you sit down for a few days. Some patients experience clear or pink fluid leaking from their insertion points for a day or two. This is entirely normal and nothing to be concerned about. For a month following your procedure, avoid excessive sun exposure. If you are not doing so already, this would be a great time to get into the diligent and daily use of high-SPF sunscreen.

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You’ll begin to see results just as soon as your bruising and swelling resolve. But it will take about 90 days for your full and final results to be achieved. Aveli Cellulite Treatment ranks very high in “patient satisfaction” surveys.


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Los Angeles marina plastic surgery office staff

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Great doctors produce great results. Led by Dr. Grant Stevens, our physicians have treated patients from 63 countries and all 50 states. At Marina Plastic Surgery, we were among the first practices in America to recognize Aveli’s revolutionary technology and adopt Aveli as our top-of-the-line cellulite treatment. Partnering with the right doctor is the most important decision you will make in optimizing the results and safety of your procedure. If you are interested in reducing cellulite with our Aveli Cellulite Treatment Los Angeles experts at Marina Plastic Surgery can answer any questions or address your concerns during a consultation. We treat our patients like family. And we warmly invite you to join the family. Please call us at to schedule a consultation today.

AVELI Frequently Asked Questions

You should feel no discomfort during your procedure, since it will be performed under local anesthesia. Most patients report moderate soreness for 2-3 days following their treatment.

Aveli requires only one treatment session.

Things like massage, topical creams, caffeine pills, etc., can help make cellulite less visible. But unfortunately, there is no “at home” treatment to eliminate cellulite.

Since cellulite treatment is a cosmetic procedure, your insurance will not pay for it. While costs will vary, recent industry data place the cost of Aveli cellulite treatment between $3,500 and $4,500. Discuss costs with your doctor prior to your procedure.


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