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Women choose breast augmentation for deeply personal reasons. Feeling beautiful is the first thing on a patient’s mind and no woman anticipates having to undergo breast implant revision due to unsatisfying results. Thankfully, our breast implant revision surgeons have a solution for your continued health and happiness.

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While breast augmentation surgery is safe and satisfying for the vast majority of women who undergo the procedure, there are still some women who are displeased with their outcome. By choosing a surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery you can be well on your way to a successful augmentation, without the worry of needing an additional procedure such as breast implant revision Los Angeles patients can put their mind at ease.

There are a number of reasons women decide to undergo breast implant revision:

Unsatisfying Cosmetic Results

Sometimes, the patient may be unhappy with the outcome of their original surgical procedure and decide they want to receive breast implant revision. Others may want to upgrade their saline implants by exchanging them out for gummy bear implants (implants using a cohesive gel).

Capsular Contracture

When scar tissue around your implants tightens, causing unnatural hardening, it's called capsular contracture. At Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles breast implant revision surgery helps you reclaim your desired breast appearance.

Implant Deflation or Rupture

While rare, implant rupture can affect some women. It is very important to adhere to your doctor’s instructions for caring for your implants in order to help prevent implant ruptures.

Additional Reading

Saline implants and silicone implant ruptures will manifest in different ways. Saline implant ruptures are instantly noticeable as the harmless solution simply dissolves. Silicone implants use modern gels to hold their shape even when compromised, requiring regular MRI checks for unseen leaks.


Breast augmentation revision empowers women to reclaim control over their bodies and their self-confidence. The procedure provides the opportunity to revitalize the appearance of the breasts while addressing any complications posed by existing implants. When undergoing a breast implant revision Los Angeles patients may benefit in several ways:

  • Improved Aesthetics: Enhances the appearance by correcting asymmetry, addressing residual sagging, or refining the results of the initial surgery.
  • Treatment of Complications: Any complications from existing breast implants, such as capsular contracture or implant rupture, are addressed through the careful excision of scar tissue or implant material. Malpositioned implants can also be addressed.
  • Enhanced Comfort: Alleviates any lingering physical discomfort or issues that may have persisted after the initial procedure, such as unevenness or insufficient tissue removal.
  • Recovery of Confidence: Restores confidence and satisfaction with the breasts' appearance and functionality, resolving concerns that weren't adequately addressed in the first surgery.
  • Optimized Outcome: Provides an opportunity to refine or adjust the results based on changes in body shape, personal preferences, or unexpected healing outcomes from the initial surgery.
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Breast implant revision is indicated for individuals who are unhappy with previous breast implant results or have experienced issues like implant rupture, capsular contracture, or malposition. Candidates should be in good health and have realistic expectations about the outcome of revision surgery. Conditions such as active infections, unstable health issues, or pregnancy might postpone or disqualify immediate revision. Through careful consultation with Dr. Perez, potential patients can learn whether breast augmentation revision is a good fit for their needs and goals.


When it comes to breast implant revision, each patient's concerns and situation are unique. The foundation of the surgical process is a careful consultation with Dr. Perez and an assessment of your current implants. Dr. Perez will spend time learning about any symptoms you are experiencing and the outcome you hope to achieve with revision surgery, helping you gain a clear understanding of the results you can expect. A physical examination, imaging, and blood tests provide information that guides the planning process. If you are replacing your implants, time will be spent guiding you through your options and helping you select implants that align with your goals and complement your physique.

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Breast implant revision is performed as an outpatient surgery at our state-of-the-art surgical facility. The patient is comfortably asleep under general anesthesia. To access the breast tissues and old implants, Dr. Perez typically makes incisions along the scars from the previous augmentation surgery. The length of the procedure varies based on the complexity of the revision. It can range from one to several hours, considering factors such as implant removal or replacement, adjustments to the implant pocket, addressing scar tissue (capsular contracture), correcting asymmetry, or reshaping the breast tissue.

Depending on individual patient goals, Dr. Perez may reposition the implants, exchange them for different sizes or types, or combine the breast implant revision with other procedures like a breast lift for optimal results. Following the procedure, the incisions are closed, and patients are monitored as the anesthesia wears off before being released to go home in the company of a friend or family member.


In the initial days of recovery after your breast implant revision, there might be swelling, discomfort, and bruising, which is well managed with prescribed pain medication and rest. The full results might not be immediately visible due to swelling, but improvements in breast appearance and symmetry can be noticeable within a few weeks to months, gradually refining over time.

Post-procedure life involves following specific aftercare instructions provided by Dr. Perez and attending follow-up appointments to check your healing. You'll need to avoid heavy lifting, vigorous exercise, or activities that strain the chest area during the initial recovery period. Diligent incision care prevents infection and minimizes scarring.

Regular follow-up appointments help monitor healing progress and ensure optimal results. As post-procedure swelling fades and the implants settle into their optimal position, the final result of revision surgery is yours to enjoy, merging improved comfort with beautiful contours that align with your aesthetic ideals.

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When selecting a surgeon to perform breast implant revision, it is extremely important to work with an experienced provider who can provide exceptional results, rectify any complications from a previous augmentation, and sculpt shapely contours that help you feel your best. We are a premier plastic surgery practice serving patients from Los Angeles and Beverly Hills and those who travel to us from around the world for care. Dr. Justin Perez is a board-certified plastic surgeon and leader in the plastic surgery field, regularly contributing to groundbreaking research and bringing the safest and most effective techniques and treatments to his patients. With our attentive team and expertise, you can be assured of receiving the highest quality of care available.


Are you ready to reclaim wellness, enjoyment, and confidence in your physique? Call 877-298-9915 or submit our online form to schedule your consultation with Dr. Perez. Take the first step toward rejuvenating your health, comfort, and quality of life today.

Breast Augmentation Revision Frequently Asked Questions

You may need to consider breast implant revision if you're dissatisfied with prior breast implant results or are experiencing issues like implant displacement, rupture, asymmetry, or changes in aesthetic preferences. Signs include discomfort, visible implant issues, or shifts in breast appearance. Dr. Perez will help you determine if revision is needed based on your concerns and the condition of your implants.

With proper care, results can be long-lasting, with implants maintaining their integrity for a decade or more. Periodic assessments and potential future revisions might be necessary over time to maintain optimal outcomes. Keeping a stable weight will help to maintain your results.

Yes, wearing support garments, like a surgical bra or compression garment, after breast implant revision is typically recommended. These garments provide support, help minimize swelling, and aid in maintaining the new breast shape during the healing process. Dr. Perez will advise the duration for wearing support garments to facilitate proper healing and optimize the results of the revision.

Breast surgery itself doesn't inherently increase the risk of breast cancer. However, as with any surgery, there are general risks such as infection, bleeding, or adverse reactions to anesthesia. Complications specific to breast surgery, like capsular contracture or implant-related issues, are possible but aren't direct precursors to breast cancer. Regular screenings can help manage any concerns about breast health before and after breast surgery.

The cost of breast implant revision can vary widely based on multiple factors, including the complexity of the revision needed, the cost of new implants, if applicable, and other factors. Once you have had your initial consultation, we can provide a cost estimate tailored to your specific needs and circumstances.

Typically, insurance does not cover breast implant revision if it's for cosmetic reasons or to address personal preferences. However, if the revision is medically necessary due to complications or implant-related issues causing health problems, insurance might offer partial coverage. Each insurance policy differs, so it's crucial to check your policy details and discuss specific circumstances with your insurer to understand coverage options for breast augmentation revision. Marina Plastic Surgery does not accept insurance, for your convenience we do offer financing alternatives.

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Los Angeles marina plastic surgery office staff


While breast augmentation can enhance confidence, sometimes revisions are necessary to refine the results. Implant revision surgery can be a very technically difficult procedure. Our Los Angeles breast implant revision surgeons specialize in crafting personalized revision plans, meticulously addressing your unique concerns. Explore the stunning transformations featured in our patient before-and-after gallery. Careful monitoring and responsible care are crucial. Women with silicone gel implants should adhere to FDA-recommended MRI screenings and revisit our practice for prompt revision upon any detected ruptures.

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