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Male Rhinoplasty IN LOS ANGELES, CA

When First Impressions Count

Besides a chiseled jawline and chin, the size and form of your nose defines your profile the most. Enhancing your characteristics can improve your appearance and self-esteem. Nose jobs are currently popular among men. If you are dissatisfied with your nose, male rhinoplasty may be the confidence booster you need.

One of our specialties at Marina Plastic Surgery is Male Rhinoplasty in Los Angeles, California, where we assist men in achieving their perfect nose shape. During your consultation with your surgeon, you will discuss your nose surgery options and address any concerns you may have. Consequently, following an initial consultation, you are well-equipped to make informed decisions regarding your rhinoplasty. Schedule an appointment as soon as possible to learn how a male rhinoplasty can restore balance and confidence to your face.

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What is Male Rhinoplasty?

Although Rhinoplasty can be performed on men and women, there are certain approaches for a masculine or feminine nose. For instance, the male nose frequently has a wide, straight bridge and a nasal tip that protrudes at a 90-degree angle between the nose and upper lip. Female noses, in contrast, have softer bridges and an oblique angle with the top lip.

Our Los Angeles Male Rhinoplasty surgeries come in a variety of forms. Any rhinoplasty procedure aims to provide a cosmetic result that is proportionate and natural-looking. This can be done by narrowing the nasal bridge or altering the size or asymmetry of the tip. To guarantee that your surgeon understands your aesthetic objectives, talk about these factors during your scheduled consultation. Call today!

What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty for Men?

By undergoing Male Rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients can ensure that their nose complements their cheeks, chin, eyes, and other facial features. Other benefits of nose surgery include improving facial symmetry, eliminating nasal tip prominence, minimizing faults on the bridge of the nose, and shrinking or contouring the nose. Male rhinoplasty is a challenging procedure that should only be carried out by skilled facial plastic and reconstructive surgeons. Thus, men may expect complete support throughout their nose surgery and be confident they will achieve their aesthetic objectives.

Am I a good candidate for Male Rhinoplasty?

You should consider your financial situation, the length of your recovery period, and the aesthetic or structural issues you wish to address before determining whether a nose job is right for you. Patients must be at least 17 years old because your facial features need time to mature before getting nose surgery. Additionally, ideal people don't smoke, don't have any unresolved health issues, and have appropriate expectations for their physical appearance.

Your Male Rhinoplasty Procedure

The surgery's goal dictates the technique used. But under general anesthesia, it is done as an outpatient operation. There are a few methods to take into account. The incision between the nostrils is used to reshape the tips when using the open technique. The incisions are hidden inside the nose if it is closed. When the nose is compressed during Male Rhinoplasty surgery, the nasal bones change shape. Once more, the key is visually enhancing the face for a natural effect.

Male Rhinoplasty Recovery & Results

A nasal splint will be worn externally throughout the treatment. Rarely is internal packing necessary. Internal splints, however, may occasionally be utilized to aid in preventing the development of scar tissue.

When the splint is removed, your nose will start to look better after one week, even if some swelling and bruising can still be present. Even if your nasal form gradually changes over the course of a year, you'll soon appreciate the subtle aesthetic enhancements. Your face, particularly your nose, will change as your body ages naturally. The majority of your improvement is long-term. Marina Plastic Surgery specializes in giving you Male Rhinoplasty results that look natural and give you a symmetrical face and the self-assurance of a more attractive guy.

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Schedule your Los Angeles Male Rhinoplasty consultation at Marina Plastic Surgery today

If you'd like to find out more about Male Rhinoplasty Los Angeles patients can schedule a consultation and determine whether it's the appropriate procedure for you. Your questions will be addressed at your appointment at Marina Plastic Surgery. Your surgeon will go over why a male rhinoplasty is an excellent option for your nasal contour concerns.

Male RhinoplastyFrequently Asked Questions

After Male Rhinoplasty surgery, our male patients may have bruising, swelling, and a stuffy nose, but most don't need painkillers for more than a few days.

Rhinoplasty is a largely risk-free operation. However, in some instances, complications may arise. As with any surgical procedure, postoperative bleeding and infection are possible but typically controllable. Complications of Male Rhinoplasty include but are not limited to breathing difficulties, septal perforation, pain, discoloration, edema, and permanent numbness in the nose.

Each patient receives a unique rhinoplasty. As a result, the cost of your surgery will vary depending on the approaches used. Your patient coordinator will review your procedure and related costs during your meeting.

Men's rhinoplasty is commonly considered an elective procedure and is typically not covered by insurance. For information about your coverage options, check with your insurance provider. Marina Plastic Surgery provides financing and payment options for your convenience.


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