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Men's Skin Care Routine Tips: Grooming Products & A Beauty Guide For Guys

By: Kim West

Need a few skin care tips for your beau? Dr. Grant Stevens, board member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, breaks down what a guy needs to stay truly groomed.

Dr. Stevens, why do men tend not to have a designated skin care regimen?

Most men don't take anti-aging as seriously as women do. They tend to think that skincare is a feminine process. Also, most men want to keep it simple and oftentimes skincare regimens have been confusing and not been simple enough. Thankfully, this is now changing.

At what age should men ideally start an anti-aging regimen and why?

Men should start no later than than high school or their early 20s, just like women to help prevent acne and scarring. This is not so much about anti-aging, but really to address adolescent skin issues at first.

Certainly if not in high school, then guys should start in their early 20s to slow down the aging process and maintain healthy, good-looking skin. As we age, things we do in our 20s show up in our 40s, like sun damage.

What are the typical signs of aging for men?

The most common sign of aging for men is sun damage. This manifests as fine lines and even deep lines around the eyes, hyper-pigmentation, brown spots, red spots or broken capillaries around the nose.

What should a man have in their skin care arsenal to use every day?

Ideally guys should have a cleanser, an anti-oxidant or corrective serum, a retinol product at night, a moisturizer and an SPF lotion or cream. Some manufacturers will combine a moisturizer and SPF, so guys can get this down to three or four products. They could have one regimen in the morning and one at night. I recommend a facial scrub in the shower about three times per week as well. More skin care tips for the guys to come!

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