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Neck Lift

As we age, our faces and necks are affected differently. Some people develop wrinkling and sun damage on their entire face and neck. Some people seem to lose facial fat, while others accumulate fat on the neck and maintain good skin tone. Others may develop more exaggerated signs of aging on their neck.

Our patients from around the globe, across the nation, and right here in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills have found that neck lift surgery can provide dramatic results, especially when combined with other facial rejuvenation procedures.

Improvements from Neck Lift

Neck lift surgery corrects the signs of aging on the neck and the jaw line. It often accompanies face lift surgery for a more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. The benefits of neck lift surgery include:

  • Removing loose, sagging skin from under the chin
  • Correcting visible vertical bands on the neck
  • Eliminating areas of fat from under the chin (double chin) and on the neck
  • Restoring a smooth, youthful-looking neck

Our surgeons usually perform neck lift surgery as an outpatient procedure in our surgical suite, using local anesthesia. Loose skin is pulled up and back and removed; neck muscles are often tightened as well. The incisions are hidden inconspicuously behind the ears. The result is an enhanced, more pleasing neck and jawline. Improvements from this surgery and others can be previewed during your consultation using the VECTRA 3-D imaging system.

Real patients

Individual results may vary.

Individual results may vary.

Additional Neck Rejuvenation Procedures

In addition to neck lift surgery, we offer additional neck rejuvenation procedures that can be performed individually or in combination to maximize improvement.

  • Fat deposits on the neck can be removed with liposuction through tiny incisions placed behind the ears and under the chin.
  • For younger patients with less advanced sagging, Thermage® can be used to firm and tighten the skin on the neck.
  • Neck muscles can be tightened using endoscopic surgery performed through a small incision placed underneath the chin.

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