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No Two Noses Are Alike. So, No Two Nose Surgeries Should Be Alike

Most of us notice someone’s nose only when it is not in balance with their face, whether it is too large, too wide, or misshapen. If you are dissatisfied with the shape or proportion of your nose, you are likely not happy with your overall facial appearance. We want you to be happy. That’s why we have trained for many years to become true Los Angeles rhinoplasty experts.

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Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects the shape, size, and symmetry of a nose and reshapes it to fit more proportional to the rest of the face while improving the function of the nose by rectifying breathing problems caused by injury, trauma or birth defect. A rhinoplasty can improve the way you look at yourself and how others see you. Did you know Rhinoplasty was first performed about 2,500 years ago? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 213,000 rhinoplasty procedures performed in the United States in 2018. There is a reason why rhinoplasty is the third most popular cosmetic procedure in the country.


At Marina Plastic Surgery in Los Angeles Rhinoplasty is an option for women and men to increase their self-confidence and satisfaction in their facial appearance and also to simply breathe more freely. Patients travel from all over the world, throughout the U.S., and nearby cities to get rhinoplasty from our talented surgeons.


Our patients choose rhinoplasty for their own personal reasons such as:

  • Can be done with other facial sculpting procedure such as eyelid surgery or a facelift
  • Decreases the size of a bulbous nasal tip
  • Enhances the size or shape of the nose
  • Fixes a crooked nose
  • Improves or restores breathing caused by trauma or birth defect
  • Lessens the length of an over-protruding nasal tip
  • Regains symmetry to the nose
  • Repairs damage caused by an injury
  • Slims down a wide nose
  • Smooths bumps like on the bridge of the nose


Before scheduling your nasal surgery, your surgeon will meticulously review your medical history, including all previous surgeries. Your surgeon may also require some basic lab work to be done. Your surgeon will examine both the exterior and interior of your nose and take pictures from multiple angles to aid in surgery and help you describe the goals and results you want. For a specified period before and after your surgery, you will be directed to suspend the use of any supplement or medication (such as aspirin) that can elevate bleeding.


If you are in good physical health, a non-smoker and have realistic expectations from a rhinoplasty, you are definitely a good candidate for the procedure. If you are a teenager or young adult, you should wait until your facial growth is done as it can impact the function and appearance of your nose, unless you have a facial birth defect like cleft palate.

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Your choice of surgeon, more than any other factor, will determine the success and safety of your nose surgery. Great doctors get great results. At Marina Plastic Surgery, our physicians use innovative surgical techniques, special attention to details and personal care. You will have a chance to discuss your goals and concerns with your surgeon during your consultation and get one of the best rhinoplasty Los Angeles has to offer at our surgical suite where the staff is dedicated to giving you excellent service with care. Call us at 877-298-9915 today.


An open rhinoplasty is a small external incision made on the underside of the nose. It is the procedure of choice for certain types of noses and nasal shaping techniques. The incision for an open rhinoplasty heals very well and is less visible over time. A closed rhinoplasty is an incision that is made on the inside of the nose where the nasal bones and cartilage are designed to leave a desired shape. There are no scars with a closed rhinoplasty. Also known as endonasal rhinoplasty, this procedure uses specialized minimally invasive telescopes to allow nasal shaping. Healing is faster with a closed rhinoplasty since there is no incision on the skin.

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Rhinoplasty is usually performed as an outpatient procedure while you are under local or general anesthesia. The procedure takes about one to two hours, although more complicated procedures can take longer to complete. Most incisions are concealed inside the nose or along its natural creases leaving no noticeable evidence of surgery.

Make sure you have arranged for someone to drive you home. It’s important to remember that rhinoplasty, while highly scientific, also has an artistic component. Therefore, your surgeon should have great surgical hands and a highly developed eye for aesthetics. Just as no two noses are alike, no two rhinoplasties are identical. There is no set sequence or “flight manual” for this surgery.


It will take a few weeks for the swelling to subside and up to a year for your nasal contour to become fully refined. There will be gradual changes in how your nose will look as the weeks and months go by. You can keep and extend the results of your new nose by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and having protection when out in the sun. After their recovery, our Los Angeles rhinoplasty patients are usually thrilled with their face's more balanced and attractive look. It's amazing to see how great women and men alike can enhance their appearance and their self-esteem by improving just this one facial feature.


Rhinoplasty can sometimes be performed nonsurgically, avoiding the need for incisions and the risks of possible complications from invasive surgery. Non-surgical rhinoplasty uses injectable filler materials (such as hyaluronic acid) to change the structure of your nose temporarily. The procedure can be revised or reversed if you choose to make future changes to your nose.This non-surgical procedure can be especially effective in correcting bumps and dips on the bridge of your nose.


Following your surgery, you can expect to feel some discomfort and have some bruising and swelling, especially around your eyes. It can take up to two weeks to heal properly. Your nose may have minor swelling that will not be noticeable to other people and goes away over the next six months. You may need to wear a nasal splint for the first week. Give your recovery period up to three weeks before returning to your normal social activities. People will not notice that you had a nose job. It is best to avoid strenuous activity for three to six weeks after your procedure.


Some people, for a variety of reasons, desire to change their nose structure but do not want to lose their ethnic or cultural identity. For that reason, ethnic rhinoplasty is a rapidly expanding procedure. Historically, rhinoplasty has followed the aesthetic preferences of Caucasians, who have been the procedure’s largest demographic. But now, the goal of ethnic rhinoplasty is to restore beauty and function to a patient’s nose without forfeiting ethnic pride. Specialized ethnic rhinoplasty procedures are available for, among others, patients of the following ethnic descents:

  • African
  • Asian
  • Pacific Islander
  • Native American
  • Middle Eastern
  • Hispanic
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Male nose surgery is customized to complement a man’s facial features and project a masculine appearance. Generally, men and women have different nasal structures and traits. Rhinoplasty for men is geared specifically to the male nose, which typically features a prominent, straight bridge and is wider than a woman’s nose. A man’s nose has a greater tip projection than a woman’s nose as well.


Conversely, women often seek to address a nose they feel is too wide or has a droopy tip. Narrowing the nose and lifting its tip can achieve results socially and culturally associated with femininity. Benefits for both women and men can include:

  • Improved nose symmetry
  • Repair of structural defects
  • Increased self-confidence


Rhinoplasty can address both cosmetic and functional concerns. Functional rhinoplasty is performed to correct breathing difficulties, which can, in turn, improve your overall health. The first step is to diagnose what structural issue is causing your breathing problem accurately. The procedure itself then usually involves surgically accessing your nasal bone and cartilage. This is done using a combination of incisions made inside your nose and in the small strip of skin that separates your nostrils. The underlying bone and cartilage are then repositioned to facilitate improved breathing.


Perhaps you would like to correct or revise a previous nose job, with the goal of improving the look or function of your nose. Revision rhinoplasty often requires elite-level surgical skills, such as those possessed by our team at Marina Plastic Surgery. Scar tissue from prior rhinoplasty can present challenges. Sometimes it is necessary to use cartilage from other parts of your body, including your ear and occasionally one of your ribs.


YOUR NOSE. YOUR DECISION. We are a leading plastic surgery destination having served patients from all 50 U.S. states and over 60 countries. Dr. Grant Stevens, M.D., FACS, and his Los Angeles plastic surgery staff pride themselves in providing individually focused service that serves your specific needs. We customize your procedure to best fit your requirements.

We have earned our patients' trust with our highly personalized and meticulous approach. Marina Plastic Surgery has a rhinoplasty specialty website that provides detailed information about the procedure, including preparation, recovery, patient testimonials, and before-and-after photos. A rhinoplasty in Los Angeles will accomplish your aesthetic goals and provide you with a new look. You can request a private consultation online where our surgeons have set aside select time exclusively for web visitors. To find out more about rhinoplasty or other facial sculpting procedures, request a private consultation online. We have reserved select time exclusively for online visitors. Patients fly in from around the country and all over the world for our superior results and quality patient care.

RHINOPLASTYFrequently Asked Questions

Not as much as you might imagine. Medical surveys reveal that most rhinoplasty patients rate their discomfort between 0 and 4 on a ten-point scale. Your surgeon can prescribe pain medication as needed and appropriate.

Every surgery carries some risks of complications. Rhinoplasty is considered a safe procedure, but some of the risks involved can include:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Bruising
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Numbness
  • Scarring
  • Swelling
  • Infection.
  • Allergic reaction to medications or surgical materials
  • Nerve damage

On rare occasions, additional surgery may be needed.

That will depend on multiple factors, including the scope and complexity of your procedure. Medical data place the price range for rhinoplasty between $9,000 and $15,000.

You can expect the results of your rhinoplasty to be essentially structurally permanent. But keep in mind that your nose will change in size and shape over the course of your life.

Nose surgery is a cosmetic procedure for anyone who wants to greatly improve their overall appearance. It can be appropriate for teens as long as they are about 16 years old and their facial growth is complete.

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