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HealthyJoe: Never Let Them See You Sweat

May 15, 2008,

From HealthyJoe

Women aren’t the only ones getting a little help from plastic surgery and other cosmetic treatments. In recent years, more and more men are turning to such procedures.

“We have many more men coming in for non-surgical treatments now that so many options are available for permanent sweat reduction, fat reduction, laser hair reduction as well as hair replacement,” Dr. Grant Stevens told EveryJoe.

What? Sweat reduction? Yeah that’s right, guys, you can get rid of underarm sweat with miraDry.

“Miradry is a breakthrough non-invasive procedure that helps permanently reduce underarm sweat and odor,” explains Stevens. “Two or three treatments, three months apart are required to stop the sweat.”

Unlike many other procedures that you need to go in periodically for follow-ups and maintenance, the sweat reduction is permanent.

“This is a great treatment for those who engage in public speaking (think lawyers, businessmen, anchormen), athletes and those who are tired of sweat stains ruining their nice clothes,” says Stevens.

Don’t you need to sweat? Well you aren’t stopping sweat in every gland in your body – just your pits. “It is not dangerous to reduce underarm sweat,” Stevens assures us.

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