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  • After Weight Loss

Details for Case #3094

This 43 year old mother of three is 5’7″ and 149 pounds. She breast fed each of her children for about a year, which left her with a “deflated” breast appearance. In addition to her breasts, this woman was also disappointed with how pregnancy had affected her mid-section, and wanted to learn more about Beverly Hills cosmetic surgery options at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

She received an in-depth consultation at our practice, which included discussing how her body had changed after her pregnancies, what she wanted to achieve through plastic surgery, and her procedure options. Like many moms, her breasts were a primary concern, but she was fortunate that she did not have substantial sagging, so breast augmentation alone could improve her appearance. For this procedure, she chose 385 cc Silimed Cohesive Gel breast implants for a natural look and feel. She went from a 36 B to 36 C, in the process substantially improving her breast shape.

To help improve her body contour, her surgeon recommended both Los Angeles liposuction and abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedures – a common surgical combination that can significantly improve mid-body appearance. The tummy tuck focused on her abdominal area, tightening muscle and excess skin, while liposuction of her hips and flanks created a slimmer and more feminine body contour.

Her “after” pictures were taken nine months after surgery and as you can see she has healed remarkably well.

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