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Posterior Lift Posterior Lift



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Posterior Lift Posterior Lift
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  • Posterior Lift
  • After Weight Loss

Details for Case #5904

After losing a significant amount of weight, this woman wanted to reshape and tone her buttocks. To learn more about her options to improve that area, she contacted Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for a consultation.

When she met with her surgeon, she expressed her concerns. After listening to her carefully, her surgeon evaluated her body and recommended a posterior lift. That procedure would remove the excess skin on the buttocks. During the surgery, the physician would also tighten the skin to remove her wrinkles, leaving her with smoother, more toned buttocks.

Many individuals who have lost weight experience excess skin and sagging. Cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles after weight loss can alleviate those concerns and improve their self-esteem. After this patient’s posterior lift, her buttocks appear more toned, with the excess skin resulting from her weight loss removed.

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