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After Weight Loss Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 5983

After Weight Loss Before & Afters Case #5983

Patient Details

This 34-year old woman was considering breast enhancement because she wanted to restore volume and shape to her sagging breasts. She had chosen to breastfeed both of her children, but was unhappy with how her breasts had changed shape after her pregnancies and decided she wanted to be able to enjoy her shape again. She decided to look into Los Angeles breast enhancement in hopes of reversing the changes that pregnancy and breastfeeding had made, and regaining the look she loved.

She decided to schedule a consultation with Marina Plastic Surgery to share her goals and find out if the her surgeon could give her recommendations for the results she was hoping for. Her plastic surgeon suggested a breast lift to help reshape her drooping breasts, and a breast augmentation to re-create their volume. They went over various implant options together and settled on cohesive-gel or "gummy bear" implants in the 300cc range.

Breast lift can be performed through an incision around the areola alone, for minor correction, or around the areola and in the lower area of the breast. In combined implant-lift procedures, the surgeon can place the implant through the same incision used to tighten the surface tissues, helping to keep scarring to a minimum. This woman's 355cc implants were placed through an incision around the areolas, and situated below her muscles to create a more natural shape.

As a result of her Los Angeles breast augmentation and breast lift, the patient is overjoyed with her new look. Her new breasts look balanced and well-rounded, and her bra size has changed from 34B to a natural-looking 34C, giving her volume that accentuates her figure very well.

Procedures Performed

After Weight Loss

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