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Posterior Lift Before & Afters Case #5902

Patient Details

This 55-year-old woman had lost a significant amount of weight through diet and exercise. However, weight loss and aging caused certain areas of her body to droop or sag. She was especially concerned with the rippling in her buttocks and thighs so she turned to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to discuss plastic surgery in Los Angeles.

She met with her surgeon and informed him of her recent weight loss success. He congratulated her and mentioned that several people who undergo a transformation like hers require a body contouring procedure to remove or tighten any excess skin that diet and exercise cannot correct. Because she was concerned mostly with her lower body, he recommended a posterior lift (or buttocks lift) to improve the contour of her hips, thighs, and buttocks. Knowing that she was in good hands, she agreed and chose him as her Los Angeles plastic surgeon.

The procedure took just a few hours and was very successful. The surgeon made a longer incision that extends around the groin, over the abdomen, and across the back. He then removed the loose skin as well as any underlying fat tissue before smoothing and sculpting the buttocks and thighs. She is pictured two months after her surgery and shows a significant improvement in skin firmness with less dimpling and a tighter appearance overall. Her scars will fade significantly over the course of the year and she is very happy with the outcome.

Procedures Performed

Posterior Lift

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