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  • Mommy Makeover
  • Breast Implant Correction

Details for Case #5804

Years after receiving disappointing results from other surgeons, this Los Angeles woman chose Marina Plastic Surgery to help her achieve the results she had wanted all along. 19 years ago, this woman received breast augmentation with silicone implants in a procedure performed by another surgeon. Two years later, also from another surgeon, she had also received a circumareolar mastopexy (breast lift) to correct the diameters of her areolas. Over the next two decades, she developed a progressive deformity of both breasts, and at age 45 she decided to meet with Marina Plastic Surgery’s board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss how plastic surgery after pregnancy could help.

During her examination, her surgeon found that she had developed capsular contracture (excessive scar tissue around the implant pocket) on each side. Her areolas were enlarged and puffy, and she had highly visible scars around each. Her right implant had also ruptured, she had developed a “double bubble” deformity on the underside of each breast where the implant was positioned poorly, and she had also lost fullness at the sides of her breasts, creating an imbalanced shape.

After discussing her options thoroughly with her surgeon, she decided on a combination procedure that would correct the excess of scar tissue (capsulotomy), replace her implants, and elevate her new breast mound. In her procedure her surgeon removed her old implants and performed capusulotomies on each side to refine the implant pocket, then placed new textured 275cc moderate-plus profile silicone gel implants in a submuscular position. During the same procedure he performed a breast lift (mastopexy) on each side to reduce her areola size and eliminate her double bubble shape.

In her postoperative photos, taken just six weeks after her breast implant corrective surgery and Beverly Hills breast lift, the patient shows obvious improvement. Notice in the 3/4 view photos how her revision surgery has not only corrected the position of her breasts, but also refined their shape and projection so that they look much more natural. Her scars are healing well, and she is already very pleased with her results.

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