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Breast Lift with Augmentation Before & Afters Case #9879

Patient Details

Tired of her deflated and sagging breasts, this 47-year-old woman wanted to find a board-certified plastic surgeon who could restore her breasts to a more youthful position on her chest and increase their fullness. When she came to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, her surgeon examined her breasts and suggested that she have a breast lift with a Laser Bra and a breast augmentation with a 290 cc silicone gel implant on the left and a 354 cc silicone gel implant on the right placed under the muscle to rejuvenate her breasts.

Breast lift procedures are typically performed for patients who have sagging breasts and want them to sit higher on the chest, while a breast enlargement in Los Angeles will simply add fullness to the breasts. Even after a combination procedure like this, the breasts will be subject to gravity, which can cause sagging over time. To provide better support to the breast after surgery, one of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates' own surgeons, Dr. Grant Stevens, developed the Laser Bra, an internal bra that is made using the patient's own tissue. A section of skin that is typically discarded during breast lift surgery is kept, specially prepared with a CO2 laser to tighten it, and then sutured to the chest wall internally to support the breast tissue.

After her procedure, this patient is happy with her results. Her breasts are much fuller and perkier than they were before. When asked about her surgery, she said that she was enjoying her new curves.

Procedures Performed

Breast Lift with Augmentation

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