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Breast Lift Breast Lift
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Details for Case #9616

Even though this 24-year-old woman had not yet had children, her breasts sagged dramatically, making them appear much older than they actually were. Wanting to have youthful and perky breasts, she made an appointment with one of the surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to discuss how undergoing plastic surgery in L.A. could improve the look of her breasts dramatically.

Because she already had a large amount of breast tissue, her surgeon determined that a breast lift alone could give her the look she wanted. Her surgeon recommended that she have a Laser Bra breast lift; a newer method of breast lift that was developed by Dr. Grant Stevens of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates. During this procedure, her surgeon used excess skin from below the nipple, which is normally discarded, to make an internal bra. After the patch of skin was treated with a laser and then sutured to the chest wall, her internal ‘bra’ continued to provide support for the breast tissue, keeping the breasts perky and enhancing her cleavage.

After her breast lift in Los Angeles, this patient felt that her breasts were more consistent with her youthful figure and age.

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