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Breast Reduction (for Women) Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 5961

Breast Reduction (for Women) Before & Afters Case #5961

Patient Details

This 51 year old woman from Palmdale, California is 5'2" and 150 pounds. She had an extreme amount of breast ptosis (sagging) as can be seen clearly in the "before" pictures. She came to our office interested in a Beverly Hills Breast Reduction in addition to a breast lift to create a much more flattering breast contour and size.

Before surgery, she was wearing a 40 DDD bra. During surgery, 870 grams (almost 2 pounds) of excess tissue was removed from her right breast and 750 grams (a little over 1.5 pounds) was removed from the right. The breast reduction surgery brought her down to a 38 D cup.

Obviously, she also needed a breast lift procedure to reverse substantial breast sagging and completely reposition the breasts. During the surgery her doctor also created newer, smaller nipples for a more attractive look. Her end result is a fully enhanced breast appearance that has her feeling much more youthful and confident about her appearance.

Her "after" pictures were taken 6 years after her initial procedure, but it did not take anywhere near that long for her to fully recover and her scars to lighten considerably. If you are considering Los Angeles or Pasadena breast reduction, this case should be able to help you envision your own results.

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Breast Reduction (for Women)

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