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Breast Reduction (for Women) Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 8363

Breast Reduction (for Women) Before & Afters Case #8363

Patient Details

After years of pain, this 45-year-old woman was fed-up with her extremely large breasts. She often felt unable to enjoy many activities because her breasts caused her pain or limited what she could do. She decided it was time to make an appointment with Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to discuss undergoing a breast reduction in Los Angeles.

During her consultation, her surgeon examined her breasts and suggested that she have a breast lift in addition to a breast reduction. While the reduction would diminish the size of her breasts, there was still a great deal of sagging present, which a breast reduction does not usually correct. However, he explained that a breast lift would reposition her breasts, restoring them to a perkier position on the chest.

Her surgeon also recommended a specific method of breast lift called the Laser Bra breast lift, which was developed by Marina Plastic Surgery Associates' own Dr. Grant Stevens. With the Laser Bra lift, her plastic surgeon will utilize a section of skin to create an internal bra, first treating the skin with a CO2 laser and then suturing it to the chest wall under the breast. This creates the bra which supports the breast tissue long after surgery.

After her plastic surgery in Los Angeles, this patient felt immediate and tremendous relief from her pain and discomfort her once-large breasts had caused her. She was very happy that her breasts were now smaller and more proportionate to her frame.

Procedures Performed

Breast Reduction (for Women)

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