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Breast Reduction (for Women) Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 8775

Breast Reduction (for Women) Before & Afters Case #8775

Patient Details

This 52-year-old woman was tired with how her heavy breasts had begun to droop. She was upset that they looked so deflated and that her nipples pointed downward. She decided that it was time to begin researching a Los Angeles breast reduction surgeon who could restore the look of her breasts.

When she came to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, she met with one of the board-certified plastic surgeons to discuss her concerns and after examining her breasts, he suggested that he perform a breast lift in addition to her breast reduction. The lift would help her breasts look more youthful and perky while the reduction would address the weight and size of her breasts.

Specifically, her surgeon suggested that he perform a Laser Bra breast lift, where he would create an internal "bra" out of the patient's tissue that would provide support for the breasts after her Los Angeles cosmetic surgery. The Laser Bra would also create an attractive amount of cleavage by creating more upper-breast fullness. For the procedure, her surgeon would use a short incision technique to perform both surgeries, where he would make an incision around the nipple and down the contour of the breast rather than underneath the breast.

After her recovery, this patient was incredibly happy with the results. In the "after" photos, her breasts look much more youthful and as the scars fade, it will be hard to tell that she ever had surgery since the results look natural. Now she can feel more confident in the appearance of her breasts and feel relieved of the extra weight she no longer has to carry.

Procedures Performed

Breast Reduction (for Women)

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