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Cheek/Chin Shaping Case

Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping



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Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping
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Cheek/Chin Shaping Cheek/Chin Shaping
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  • Cheek/Chin Shaping

Details for Case #13367

This 51-year-old woman came to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates because she wanted a more youthful-looking neck and jaw. Her primary concern was with the “turkey neck,” or excess skin and fat on her neck, which had developed with time. After reading about plastic surgery, she began looking for a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon who could help her achieve the look she wanted.

When she came in for her consultation, her surgeon examined her neck and jowl and determined that although she had good skin elasticity on her neck, her chin was recessed, making it challenging to treat her neck with liposuction alone. To best achieve the look she wanted, he recommended that she have chin augmentation which would provide for a more attractive neck and profile. Combined with liposuction, the procedure would create a youthful and distinguished profile.

After her surgeon placed a chin implant to balance her profile, he performed liposuction on her neck to refine her face even more. When she recovered after her Los Angeles liposuction and chin augmentation, she came in for a post-operative evaluation, when these “after” photos were taken. As can be seen in the photos, her profile has been radically transformed. Her chin balances well with the rest of her face and her neck has a youthful and slim contour. When asked how she felt about her new appearance, she said she was thrilled with the results.

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