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Dusa Blu-U Dusa Blu-U



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Dusa Blu-U Dusa Blu-U
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Details for Case #12736

This 17-year-old male was frustrated by acne on his face. Many teenagers who struggle with acne find that over-the-counter treatments don’t provide the results they desire. He turned to Marina Plastic Surgery Associated to see what options were available from plastic surgery specialists in LA.

During his consultation, he met with one of our skin care technicians, who analyzed his skin. Each of our patients receives individual attention to develop a personalized solution for his or her skin condition. Patients who come to us have a variety of skin types, so we select the most appropriate treatment from the multiple options available for achieving clear, healthy skin. This patient received DUSA® with levulinic acid.

After treatment, this patient returned to our plastic surgery practice to have photos taken of his progress. As the pictures reveal, the treatment helped reduce the appearance of acne for clearer skin. Customized skin care treatment in Los Angeles helped target this patient’s exact condition for visible and long-lasting results.

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