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Eyelid Surgery Before & Afters Case #11157

Patient Details

Tired of being asked if she was tired, this 49-year-old woman wanted to rid herself of the overhanging skin below her brows that was weighing her eyes down. She decided to contact Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to see what options there were for rejuvenating tired eyes.

When she met with her surgeon, he suggested that upper and lower eyelid surgery would best address her concerns. Upper eyelid surgery removes excess skin, fat and sometimes muscle above the eye, clearing away the skin that makes the eyes look tired and older. Lower eyelid surgery also removes fat and sometimes skin, typically addressing puffiness below the eyes. As a combination procedure, upper and lower eyelid surgery work together to refresh the eyes and make the eyes appear much more youthful.

For this patient, her Los Angeles eyelid surgery opened her eyes more, making them look more alert and taking years off of the appearance of her eyes. Her brows are much more well-defined and her eyes are no longer hiding underneath excess skin. When asked about the results, she said that she was very happy with how well-rested her eyes look.

Procedures Performed

Eyelid Surgery

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