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Eyelid Surgery Before & Afters Case #11231

Patient Details

This 63 year old woman came into Marina Plastic Surgery Associates concerned that her beautiful blue eyes were being overshadowed by her drooping brows and puffy lower lids. She wanted to bring out her eyes by having eyelid surgery in Los Angeles to make her eyes seem bolder and refreshed. She met with one of our doctors to discuss her options, finally deciding that upper and lower eyelid surgery would achieve her goals.

In standard upper and lower eyelid surgeries, fatty deposits (which make the eyes appear puffy), excess skin and muscle are reduced or redistributed to smooth and tighten the area. After this woman's surgery, her eyes appeared fuller, smoother and more noticeable to others, as can be seen in the "after" pictures.

These "after" pictures were taken about two years after the surgery. They show a decrease in the puffiness underneath the eye as well as in the sagging above the eye, making her eyes seem larger and more alert than in the "before" pictures. She was very satisfied with her new appearance after her facial plastic surgery in Los Angeles because her eyes stand out rather than disappear, winning her many compliments on her big, beautiful blue eyes.

Procedures Performed

Eyelid Surgery

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