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  • Injectable Fillers
  • Wrinkle Reduction

Details for Case #12021

This 56-year-old woman was unhappy with the deep lines around her lips. She also felt that her lips appeared “deflated” and wanted to rejuvenate her appearance. She contacted Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to set up a consultation and discuss Long Beach plastic surgery.

During the appointment, she discussed her wish for more youthful looking lips. She was told that using an injectable treatment can help reduce the wrinkles around her mouth and add more volume to her lips. Knowing that injectables like BOTOX® and JUVÉDERM® were FDA approved and very safe and effective to use, she agreed to the procedure.

She received 5 units of BOTOX to her upper lip and 1 syringe of JUVÉDERM. Sometimes combining injectable treatments is beneficial because it enables the patient to address multiple concerns. In this case, BOTOX was used to reduce the wrinkles around her mouth and JUVÉDERM was injected in order to add volume to the lips. Her follow-up photos show her immediately prior to treatment and 2 months post treatment. She has visibly less wrinkles around her mouth and fuller, smoother lips. She is very pleased with the results.

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