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Injectable Fillers Before & Afters Case #12109

Patient Details

"Smile lines" can easily turn a young face old. This 22-year-old woman was concerned with deepening nasolabial folds (also called "marionette lines") that gave her face a sagging appearance even when her face was at rest. She felt that she was too young for a Beverly Hills plastic surgery procedure such as a face lift, but she wanted to find out if a nonsurgical solution could help smooth out her face.

In her consultation at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, her doctor explained that surgery would not be necessary but recommended a facial filler to help fill in the creases from the inside out. The patient considered her options carefully and chose RADIESSE® wrinkle filler. Several different fillers are available at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, but depending on their tissues and expectations some patients will be much better suited to one. Calcium-based RADIESSE is not the only option for nasolabial folds, but it has the advantage of stimulating healthier skin by improving collagen production, and offers a good alternative for patients whose skin is sensitive to hyaluronic-acid fillers. The results are also longer-lasting, and may remain for months or even a year.

Injections of RADIESSE take less than half an hour, and the results are practically immediate, so after her procedure this patient shows a clear improvement. Her facial folds are noticeably smoother, giving her face a happier appearance. Any lingering redness from the injection will disappear within an hour or two, and she can expect her non-surgical "Los Angeles face lift" results to improve over the following months.

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