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As fine lines and wrinkles begin to appear with age, women and men seek out treatments to help them look and feel more youthful. This 57-year-old woman "hated the bags under her eyes" and, when she first met with her Long Beach area plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, explained that she was looking for a noninvasive solution to this problem. Specifically, she wanted to correct the deep lines that had developed beneath her eyes and the "crow's feet" that caused her to look tired and less alert.

For patients who only have minimal sagginess under their eyes or who are hesitant to correct the problem through a Beverly Hills area cosmetic surgery procedure, injectable treatments are often enough to correct this type of problem in the shorter term. After reviewing different treatments, this woman and her surgeon concluded that Restylane would be the most appropriate injectable option to help her achieve her goals.

Restylane and other Injectable gels are popular because they can improve specific areas without requiring incisions or post-surgical downtime. Additionally, discomfort is minimal and recovery time is virtually nonexistent. Patients also use this option to "pre-test" the results of more permanent surgical procedures. This woman is very pleased with her results as her eyes look clearer and fresher. She no longer has deep wrinkles below her eyes, and her crow's feet have nearly disappeared.

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Injectable Fillers

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