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Injectable Fillers Before & Afters Case #12145

Patient Details

This 69-year-old woman was concerned about the horizontal "worry lines" on her forehead and wanted to find out if she could correct them without a full-scale face or brow lift. She wanted to avoid invasive surgery if she could, but since she wanted an honest opinion of her needs she decided to consult with a reliable, board-certified Beverly Hills area plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

In her consultation, her surgeon examined her tissues and told her he felt that her skin quality was good enough that surgery would not be necessary. He recommended DYSPORT®, a new alternative to BOTOX®Cosmetic that uses the same active ingredient but tends to spread faster and more thoroughly over large treatment areas such as the forehead. He explained that like BOTOX, DYSPORT is administered through a quick injection, and works by relaxing the muscles that cause the face to tense into wrinkles. Also like BOTOX, DYSPORT should not inhibit facial expression completely; just temporarily limit muscle contractions in the areas she wanted to correct.

The patient was pleased that she would not need a Los Angeles face lift procedure, and she agreed to this less invasive treatment. DYSPORT typically takes 2 days for full results to develop. In her "after" photo this woman is showing a very nice, typical result; her forehead is smoother but not unnaturally smooth, and while her brows are elevated very slightly, the effect is very natural. Her skin looks younger and more refreshed, and she is happy to see that her forehead lines look much less pronounced.

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