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Injectable Fillers Before & Afters Case #12227

Patient Details

This 63-year-old woman came to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates wanting to look her best. She is a very active and vibrant person, but she felt the wrinkles and lines on her face were making her look tired and older. She asked her doctors what options were available to smooth away her wrinkles. Together, they decided that a Perlane® dermal filler treatment would help her.

Many people considering Restylane® in Los Angeles will benefit from Perlane, a very popular dermal filler which utilizes hyaluronic acid to make the skin fuller and more even. The chemical naturally occurs in the body, but as you age, your skin loses hyaluronic acid which helps to keep your skin full and elastic. Both of these injections add to your skin's natural store of the chemical, but the difference between them is that Perlane has larger gel particles and is intended to be injected deeper into the skin.

Her surgeon injected Perlane into her cheeks, smile lines, marionette lines (the lines that run from your nose to below your mouth) and oral commissures (the lines on the edges of your mouth) to help achieve a more youthful look. She was very pleased with the results of her treatment, and was very happy that she now looks as vibrant as she feels.

Procedures Performed

Injectable Fillers

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