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Injectable Fillers Before & Afters Case #12280

Patient Details

Concerned with the asymmetry of her right cheek compared to her left one, this 56 year old female wanted something that would give her face a more balanced appearance. She said that this asymmetry occurred during a motor vehicle accident when she was a teenager and it has been bothering her for quite some time. To give her cheeks a more proportional look in relation to her other facial features, she contacted our office to see if non-surgical skin care in Los Angeles could produce the results she was looking for.

With some wrinkle-like indentations in her face from her accident, she wanted to smoothen out those lines using a non-surgical treatment. After she was given information on the treatments available for her, she decided that Radiesse® injections were the best option for her. Radiesse is a popular dermal filler that many of our patients like for being simple, quick, and having very quick results.

For this patient, two syringes of Radiesse were injected into her bilateral cheeks. After Radiesse is injected, it works to stimulate natural collagen production and increase the volume the areas treated on her cheeks. This helped to blend some of the wrinkles and lines on her cheeks with the areas surrounding them.

The treatment went very well. Specifically in the area to the left of her ear in the "before" and "after" photos it is apparent that many of her lines have diminished. This gives her cheeks a smoother and also more youthful look. This patient was satisfied with her treatment of Radiesse in Los Angeles.

Procedures Performed

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