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Injectable Fillers Before & Afters Case #12348

Patient Details

This 47 year old woman was very bothered by the droopiness and dark circles under her eyes. She was concerned about looking "tired" and having to use concealer to cover up the dark circles. She wanted the bags under her eyes to be diminished. After researching other Los Angeles skin care practices, she set up an appointment at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates in Marina Del Rey.

After examining her facial structure and her desires, it was determined that the best solution to meet her concerns was to have Restylane® placed in the "tear trough" area, which is between the rim of the oribital bone and the side of the nose. Restylane in Los Angeles is an excellent solution for under eye depressions because it is a dermal filler which can easily mold, is considered very safe, and can be placed in spots where it can help even out any creases in the skin.

The procedure went very well. The photos show that the skin under her eyes already appears much more vibrant than before. Most of the dark circles under her eyes have completely diminished and the patient now doesn't have to worry about covering up her eyes with makeup each day. Overall she is very pleased with the results.

Procedures Performed

Injectable Fillers

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