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Labiaplasty Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 5710

Labiaplasty Before & Afters Case #5710

Patient Details

Unhappy with her prominent labia, this 28-year-old woman felt extremely self-conscious about their appearance. Her condition had also caused her discomfort during sexual intercourse. She opted for vaginal rejuvenation in Los Angeles.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are becoming much more common as women feel increasingly comfortable not only discussing their sexuality with healthcare professionals but taking active steps toward improving their sex lives. Vaginal rejuvenation procedures address issues frequently caused by motherhood, aging or genetics. The surgeons at Marina Plastic Surgery commonly perform labiaplasty to help women improve their appearance and enhance their sexual experience.

This woman is thrilled with the results of her labiaplasty. As shown in the photos, her labia no longer protrude excessively. She now enjoys greater comfort during sex and more confidence in her appearance.

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