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Liposuction Before & Afters Case #3283

Patient Details

After childbirth, this 36-year-old mother wanted to improve her figure and rejuvenate areas that had changed due to her pregnancy. She was most concerned with a large pocket of fat and skin that rested over her lower abdominal muscles, making her belly look droopy. Her doctor at Marina Plastic Surgery helped her create a surgical plan to meet her goals by incorporating a tummy tuck and power-assisted liposuction. Los Angeles mothers often enjoy the results of this type of "mommy makeover" to restore a more youthful, pre-pregnancy appearance.

In tummy tuck procedures, the doctor tightens loose abdominal muscles and excess skin, giving the belly a flatter, more toned look. To address the fatty patches on her hips and thighs, her surgeon also performed power-assisted liposuction. This approach breaks up and removes fat cells using a vibrating cannula (surgical wand), which destroys fat cells quickly and gently so they can be suctioned out with minimal bruising to nearby tissues.

In this woman's post-operative photographs, it is obvious that her surgeon was able to dramatically reduce the excess skin folds on her abdomen while simultaneously making her waist look smaller and slimmer. The results of her liposuction in Los Angeles have also enhanced her legs as removing the pockets of fat from her hips and thighs have helped them appear longer and firmer. This woman is very happy with the effects of her combination procedure, and enjoys the enhancements it made to her overall appearance.

Procedures Performed


Tummy Tuck

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