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Liposuction Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 3363

Liposuction Before & Afters Case #3363

Patient Details

This 23-year-old woman was uncomfortable with her shape and the fatty rolls that appeared beneath her bra straps. She wanted to find a talented surgeon in Los Angeles for liposuction, in order to create a more hourglass and feminine figure. She came to Marina Plastic Surgery Associates looking for help to fix her trouble spots.

During her consultation, she and her surgeon decided that she should have power-assisted liposuction to thin her hips, thighs and abdomen and give her the figure she desired. The difference between power-assisted liposuction, or PAL, and general liposuction is that in PAL, an electric motor directs and amplifies the motion of the liposuction cannula, the tool used to remove fatty deposits, to achieve more efficient results during the surgery. By using this method, her surgeon was able to successfully diminish the rolls around her bra straps and smooth her abdomen.

In the "after" photos, the rolls around her lower ribcage are completely gone and her hips seem to slope outward more femininely, giving her a more hourglass figure like she desired. Overall, she was very pleased with the results of her plastic surgery in L.A..

Procedures Performed


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