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Skincare & Makeup Before & Afters Case #12774

Patient Details

This 56 year old female was seeking a solution to her struggle with applying her eye makeup every day. She suffers with an eyesight problem, making it hard for her to apply her makeup the way that she wants it to look. When she found out that Marina Plastic Surgery Associates offered treatments for permanent make up, she took the next step and scheduled an appointment for permanent make up in Los Angeles.

During her Los Angeles permanent makeup treatment, she had permanent eyeliner applied to her eyelids. Her technician used topical or local anesthesia to minimize pain and discomfort, and applied the eyeliner onto her eyelid using a process similar to tattooing. This typically takes 30 to 40 minutes. She chose to have black pigment applied which would work as an alternative to applying her everyday black eyeliner.

After she had her permanent eyeliner treatment, she expressed her excitement with how little time it takes her to get ready. Her eyes look bigger and more defined, and she no longer has to worry about her eyesight causing her to apply her eyeliner incorrectly. She is thrilled with her permanent makeup treatment at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

Procedures Performed

Skincare & Makeup

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