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Skincare & Makeup Gallery Plastic Surgery in Marina Del Rey | Patient 12783

Skincare & Makeup Before & Afters Case #12783

Patient Details

This 44-year-old woman had very few eyebrow hairs ever since she was a teenager. Everyday, she applied pencil to her brows to make them look normal and natural, but the routine had become tiresome over the years. Wanting a more permanent solution, she began looking for a Los Angeles cosmetic surgeon who would apply permanent makeup to her eyebrows, finally scheduling a consultation at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

Permanent makeup is similar to tattooing in that it uses a fine, vibrating needle to inject micropigment under the skin. It is often used to add definition to the eyes, brows or lips, making them stand out or even look natural. For this patient, her surgeon recommended using a "hair method" of injection, where instead of a solid shape of color, he would make small lines that mimic hair growth to give the brows a more natural look.

When her surgeon was done applying her permanent makeup in Los Angeles, she was thrilled with the results. After suffering for so long, she regained her confidence and freedom away from her eyebrow stencils and was very grateful to her surgeon for his work.

Procedures Performed

Skincare & Makeup

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