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Skincare & Makeup Before & Afters Case #12812

Patient Details

This 35 year old woman underwent nipple surgery to correct her inverted nipple, a congenital condition in which the nipple points inward instead of outward. After her procedure she developed noticeable scarring around the nipple that made her uncomfortable. She met with one of the doctors at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates hoping to find a treatment to diminish her scarring. Her doctor recommended permanent makeup to cover up the scars and to make her nipple appear even more "normal."

Permanent makeup is also known as micropigmentation, where pigment is embedded under the skin to add permanent color. By embedding pigment under this woman's skin, her doctor was able to reduce the scar's appearance drastically. Where the "before" picture shows obvious, white scarring, the "after" picture shows virtually no scar at all. When this woman saw the results for herself, she could not believe how dramatic they were. Now, her nipple looks completely normal, as though she never needed a procedure in the first place.

Procedures Performed

Skincare & Makeup

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