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Details for Case #12906

This patient was concerned with the way that the loose skin above her eyes caused her to look tired. She used Thermage to transform her appearance from fatigued to fantastic. Women and men considering facial cosmetic surgery in Los Angeles often ask about non-surgical options as well. Thermage treatments at our practice provide that option for many of our patients. By using radiofrequency energy, we treat all three layers of the skin with this safe and effective method.

Thermage provides a way to halt and even reverse the deterioration of collagen in these layers of skin. When collagen breaks down, your skin begins to dry out and wrinkle. Thermage heats the skin, immediately tightening and encouraging new collagen growth over time. In contrast to the way traditional skin rejuvenation treatments target only surface skin, Thermage stimulates your body to restore the depleted collagen.

No downtime is involved for a Thermage facial treatment, yet the way in which the procedure “lifts” your brows, lids, and other areas of your face may make a dramatic improvement for many patients as the body replenishes its collagen. Because of these results, Thermage has become one of our most popular treatments at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.

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