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Tummy Tuck Before & Afters Case #5092

Patient Details

This 36-year-old mother wanted to re-sculpt her abdominal area so that she would feel more attractive and comfortable in her clothing. She met with her board-certified plastic surgeon at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates to determine which procedure could most satisfy her goals. After a thorough assessment, her surgeon determined that an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) procedure would meet her needs most completely by removing her excess abdominal fat, skin, and tissues.

In a traditional tummy tuck procedure, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills abdominoplasty surgeons tighten and remove loose excess skin to create a firmer-looking tummy. In the process, the surgeon may remove some localized fat deposits and tighten loose or torn abdominal muscles. The result is a much improved body contour that can enhance your overall look significantly.

Well-qualified surgeons typically require their patients to be at or near their goal body weight before undergoing an abdominoplasty procedure. While patients can burn off some fat through diet and exercise, and while liposuction can be the right choice for smaller areas of problem fat, abdominoplasty focuses mainly on excess skin and loose abdominal muscles, and should not be seen as a weight loss "substitute."

This woman has recovered very well from her Los Angeles abdominoplasty, and has seen dramatic improvements to the shape of her body. Folds of skin and fat no longer hang below her belly, and she now appears slimmer, with a more defined waist and firmer abdominals. She is extremely happy with her results and fits much better into her clothing.

Procedures Performed

Tummy Tuck

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