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Wrinkle Reduction Wrinkle Reduction



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Wrinkle Reduction Wrinkle Reduction
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Details for Case #12729

This 43-year-old woman was concerned about the crow’s feet and frown lines that had developed around her eyes as well as the fine lines around her lips, feeling that the wrinkles made her look tired and older. Since she didn’t want to undergo surgery to address her concerns, so she decided to find a center for plastic surgery in Los Angeles that offered non-invasive wrinkle treatments. After discovering Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, she decided to schedule a consultation.

Since crow’s feet and frown lines and fine lines around the mouth are the product of everyday facial expressions, her surgeon recommended BOTOX® Cosmetic, which minimizes the muscle contractions that can make wrinkles worse. The treatment takes very little time to complete and within a few days, patients see their wrinkles fade away and even out. Just one treatment for this patient would help minimize her fine lines and the results would last for a long time.

After her treatment with BOTOX in Los Angeles, there was dramatic improvement in the appearance of her wrinkles. As can be seen in the “after” photos, the noticeable lines between her brows have completely faded and her crow’s feet are much fainter. The BOTOX treatment not only softened the lines, but also gave her a slight lift to the center of her brow, adding to a more rested appearance. And with just 5 units of BOTOX, the appearance of her fine lines and upper lip has improved greatly. She was very pleased with the results.

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