An injectable treatment for cellulite in Los Angeles

We are proud to announce that we are one of the first practices in Los Angeles, and all of Southern California, to offer QWO — the first and only FDA-approved injectable treatment for the reduction of moderate to severe cellulite.


Almost 90 percent of women have some amount of visible cellulite on their bodies. Despite its prevalence, cellulite is considered one of the hardest conditions to treat because (contrary to popular belief) cellulite is not just fat. As many women have found out the hard way, even following a strict diet and workout schedule, sometimes cellulite just will not budge.

Dr. Stevens understands how frustrating this can be, so he has now made Marina Plastic Surgery one of the first to offer patients in Marina Del Rey QWO. QWO is the very first and only FDA-approved injection treatment that targets moderate to severe cellulite in the buttocks, making visible improvements in just a few short months of treatment.


QWO is a non-surgical, injection-based cellulite treatment (no cutting necessary) that focuses specifically on the dimples in the buttocks caused by cellulite fat. This is not the good kind of fat that our bodies use to burn as energy, however, which has made it nearly impossible to get rid of, until now.

The dimpling on our skin comes from what is known as “fibrous septae”, collagen-rich structures in the dermal layer of our skin. These structures act as connective tissue between the skin and the cellulite fat, and they tend to get pulled tauter and tauter with age, diet, or even hormones.

This pulling and tension being created are what causes the outer layer of skin to be drawn down to the deeper tissue, creating the dimple effect we’re all too familiar with – this is what we have come to know and love (to hate) as cellulite.

The enzymes within QWO (called collagenases) help to redistribute fat cells within the dermal layer, stimulating the growth of new collagen in our skin, ultimately helping to ease the tension on the fibrous septae that cause the dimpling. The entire treatment process is fast, painless, and requires zero recovery time.

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Due to its nature as a simple injection, and with our experienced treatment experts in Marina del Rey QWO treatments can take as few as 10 minutes, allowing you to come in for a scheduled treatment and leave almost immediately afterward, with no post-treatment downtime!

Patients will begin to see results in as few as 10 weeks as the body begins to produce more collagen following the treatments. Once the fibrous septae that cause skin dimpling begin to relax, one can expect to see visible reductions in the amount of dimpling in the buttocks.

Long-term studies of QWO are ongoing, but all indications are that QWO can last for years with no reduction in effects once treatment is completed.


Almost anyone who has ever tried to treat cellulite on their bodies has gone the route of following strict diets, specialty massages, or even laser treatment. And rarely do these treatments leave satisfying or long-lasting results.

However, with the QWO treatment being as easy as it gets (a simple process, non-surgical, and with no downtime necessary), almost anyone who has cellulite is a candidate! There are some factors to be aware of, however, such as if you are allergic to collagenase or any of the ingredients in QWO, or if you have an active infection.

In these cases, you should not receive QWO – you are welcome to discuss other options with Dr. Stevens during a private consultation to determine what would work best for your skin.

Marina Plastic Surgery will also do a full review of your medical history to determine if QWO is safe for you. You should always let your doctor know if you are pregnant or nursing before you begin your treatment.


The process for a QWO treatment is quick, painless, and all around as convenient as it gets! The target area(s) will first be marked up and lined out, followed by the injection process. Anesthesia isn’t necessary, as the process is considered mostly painless (thanks to the extra ‘cushion’ our buttocks have.)

Once the injections have been completed, you can leave the office and continue your day as you normally would – no downtime necessary!


As with most injection-based procedures, after QWO Marina Del Rey patients may experience signs of slight swelling and bruising at the injection site. Bruising typically can last one or two weeks, so you might want to plan accordingly, just in case you were planning on showing the treatment results off afterward!


There are three injection dates needed for a full QWO treatment, spaced three weeks apart, for a total of three visits. While results can be noticed immediately following a single treatment, the best outcomes result from all treatments being completed in their entirety.

After the final treatment, you will see a noticeable reduction in cellulite as the fibrous bands relax, and collagen production increases. You can expect the results to last for years to come.


Revered as one of the best plastic surgeons in America, one of Castle Connoly’s Top Doctors, and featured in Plastic Surgery: The World’s Top Surgeons & Clinics, Dr. Grant Stevens is renowned for his knowledge and skill as a cutting-edge plastic surgeon.

Dr. Stevens’ philosophy of holding genuine patient care in the highest regard is reflected at Marina Plastic Surgery. We offer the finest personal service and facilities to patients seeking cellulite treatment with QWO in Marina del Rey. You are invited to attend a private consultation to get to know Dr. Stevens and to ask any questions you might have about Qwo or your aesthetic goals.

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