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“My husband told me he would love me no matter what, but my nose was too big for my face,” said Eva, one of Marina Plastic Surgery’s Los Angeles nose surgery patients. And after surgery? “When he saw me he said, ‘Oh my God. It’s like night and day. It’s 100% improvement.'”


Growing up, Eva accepted the bump on her nose for the most part. After all, her big sister had one just like it. But Eva is petite, just 5’3″, and the overall size of her nose did bother her on occasion. She remembers thinking at times that the hump near the bridge of her nose was so big, “it seemed like it stretched my cheek skin.” Even so, she didn’t start considering surgery until her sister did.

“She told me, ‘I think I want to get my nose done,’ then we talked about it for almost a year,” Eva said. “She did a lot of research.” Eva’s sister saw one of the Marina Plastic Surgery Associates surgeons on The Learning Channel, and then looked him up on the Internet. She learned about the importance of board certification when choosing a surgeon for Los Angeles rhinoplasty. The sisters discussed the options together. Eva recalled their thought process. “It’s not like shopping for a car-you’re not looking for the best deal. You have to know you’re getting the best doctor. Your looks and your life are in their hands.” The two women chose Marina Plastic Surgery’s nose specialist to take advantage of his experience and his ability to create natural looking results for his Los Angeles nose surgery patients.

Before Eva's Rhinoplasty
After Eva's Rhinoplasty

“My nose was too big for my face.” Eva shown before her surgery, and on her wedding day after rhinoplasty.

Los Angeles marina plastic surgery office staff
Los Angeles marina plastic surgery office staff


Three months after her sister’s successful procedure, 33 year old Eva had her surgery. It went smoothly and so did her recovery. She needed prescription pain relief for about two days, and she felt a little nauseous during that time, but that was about the only challenge. She rested for the first week then gradually started back to work. Eva believes she breezed through recovery in part because she works out and eats right.

When Eva’s bandages came off a week after her procedure, she had no bruising and very little swelling. Even after just one week’s recovery time, Eva saw a new profile in the mirror. “The bump was gone!” Her husband commented that even though the improvement was noticeable, Eva still looked like herself. “He told me what stands out now are your eyes and your smile.” Eva developed a high level of trust in her surgeon during her Los Angeles rhinoplasty experience. She describes him as “a great doctor,” she said. “He gave me good advice.” Eva had originally wanted not just to smooth the hump on her nose, but to have it curve inward a bit as well. Her surgeon cautioned her to be conservative with the changes. “He said, ‘We need to be very careful; I want you to still look like you,'” she remembered. But the surgeon did recommend one additional move-to shorten the tip of Eva’s nose just a fraction.

“My nose did droop down,” Eva said. “He raised it up a tiny bit. His recommendations were right.” Today, Eva says everyone thinks her nose looks not just beautiful, but very natural too. “People say my new nose looks more natural on me than the nose I had before. Take a look at my pictures; you’ll say so too.” Eva was so pleased with the outcome of her surgery that she chose to have breast augmentation with the same surgeon before she married her wonderful husband. She’s happy to share her gummy bear story with others as well. If you live near Los Angeles or Beverly Hills and rhinoplasty is of interest to you, why not come meet with one of our surgeons? He’ll give you the objective advice you need to make the right decisions for yourself.


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