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Kathleen had been obese all of her life. While she’d managed to lose 150 pounds on three different occasions, her struggle to recover from her compulsive overeating continued until she found and committed to following a strict 12-step program. While on the program, she lost 160 pounds and knew that this time she would keep the weight off. With this certainty, Kathleen had the courage to continue with her body transformation. Of the loose skin and sagging breasts her weight loss achievement left behind she says, “I lost a lot of weight, but it wasn’t satisfying to see myself in the mirror.”



Kathleen researched plastic surgeons online and even met with 4 doctors in person. She recalls, “I fantasized about getting an extreme makeover.” Kathleen is a serious kettlebeller (a Russian form of weight training) – a woman in her kettlebell class had a very successful breast augmentation in Los Angeles with Dr. Stevens and recommended him to Kathleen.

Kathleen visited the Marina Plastic Surgery Web site and was appreciative of all the information it provided regarding risks, side effects and scars. She especially liked that Dr. Stevens was a proponent of combined surgeries, knowing that having several procedures performed during one surgical session would help to minimize her recovery time. Kathleen had found the doctor she was looking for – the next step was to meet with Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Grant Stevens in person.

“I wanted to know what his work was going to look like,” she says, “because I was going to be wearing it.” She met with Dr. Stevens to discuss the procedures that would best take care of her problem areas. Initially, she expected to get an arm lift, a laser bra breast augmentation with implants, and a tummy tuck and had plans for a thigh lift and mini facelift later. Dr. Stevens explained that instead of a tummy tuck, she really needed a total body lift to get the results she desired.

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Los Angeles marina plastic surgery office staff
Los Angeles marina plastic surgery office staff


Working with a homeopath in Northern California, Kathleen prepared for her big day. Kathleen was in surgery for approximately five hours and once everything was completed, she was released to the Serenity Surgery Aftercare Facility in Santa Monica. Charlie Sheridan, the Director of Marina Plastic Surgery Associates, had made all of the arrangements, and Kathleen remained there for 4 days, receiving around the clock care.

She then stayed with her brother’s family in Southern California for 2 weeks until she was ready to go home. Looking back on her recovery, Kathleen recalls that she experienced very little pain. She says it was a dramatic experience psychologically, noting that her body had been traumatized by the surgery, having lost 10 pounds of skin. She remembers, “Before going to L.A., I had some concerns about living in a body without all this hanging flesh, since I’ve been an obese person all of my life. Surprisingly, that never happened. The day after surgery the skin was gone and it was like it was never there.”


Today, Kathleen can hardly believe her new body. She says, “Dr. Stevens is so good at what he does. I cannot tell you how beautiful my results are. I told him, ‘You’re a miracle maker!'” As an added bonus, she ended up with a figure she’d never dreamed of. Kathleen says, “Most people go into plastic surgery because they want to get their youthful body back. I never had that body. I feel like I went in with the mindset to get a clean-up, but I got this very glamorous, beautiful body.”

And she’s grateful to Charlie and everyone else at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates for providing such a loving and supportive environment for her experience. Today, Kathleen is looking forward to her thigh lift and mini facelift in Los Angeles to complete her transformation. Interested in learning more about plastic surgery after weight loss? Come in and talk with our doctors in person. You can save up to $150 on your consultation when you request an appointment online and schedule during one of the select times our surgeons have set aside exclusively for Web visitors. Or, feel free to call us at 877-298-9915 to schedule your consultation.


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