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Having the right insurance coverage in Los Angeles meant having the right breast reduction from Marina Plastic Surgery Associates. Penny is a 38 year-old, voice network engineer. Always being well endowed wasn’t too much of a problem when Penny was a size 2. But when she gained weight, her breast size went from a 32 DDD into what Penny called, “The Shelf.”

“I couldn’t exercise. I kept trying to find activities I could do with my ‘shelf.’ I was tired of lugging the shelf around, tired of trying to find bras and tops that fit. I was having a conversation with a friend one day, and she said, ‘You should see if your health insurance would cover breast reduction surgery.'” From that conversation, Penny put the gears in motion to get her breast reduction. The decision to have breast reduction surgery was a very serious one, but Penny took only a year to decide. “Of course I had reservations. I was going into unknown territory. I thought I might be making a big mistake. But I was lugging this weight around. And I couldn’t exercise. Guys would look at my boobs instead of looking at me.” Penny did a lot of research on-line to find Marina Plastic Surgery. “MPS has lots of information on the internet which I love.”

Penny met with 2 others before meeting the plastic surgeon she chose at Marina Plastic Surgery. She feels that finding him “was meant to be,” Penny says of her search. “I liked the office. The staff and (her surgeon) took care of me from the moment I walked into their offices, before they even knew if I was going to choose them. I just trusted my instincts about him, and I know I made the right decision.” Penny was very impressed with the staff, “They took care of everything. MPS did all the necessary paperwork to make sure I could get the procedure done. The staff knew how to do everything the insurance company needed to get my coverage.” Of her surgery, Penny says, “My part was easy – they did everything – and the beautiful result is the icing on the cake. My recovery was easy-breezy. Oh man, before I had the procedure, I thought it was going to be horrific, but it was an incredibly easy recovery. It was a walk in the park. I even had a baby shower for my sister 4 days after the surgery. I had to take it easy, but I was up doing as much stuff as could. I didn’t have any sharp pains or anything like that. There was only one tough day, and that was the day right after the surgery because I was vomiting from the anesthesia. But that’s nothing. I’d do it again, and I would recommend breast reduction surgery to anyone.”

It’s been almost a year since Penny had her surgery, and she’s still thrilled with the results. “Before I had my surgery I was so self-conscious, I never wanted anyone to see me. After I had this procedure, I was showing them to everybody – well, all my girlfriends anyway. My friends just say, ‘Wow, wow, wow – amazing!'” “Now, I know what it’s like to be normal. I’m so happy. I felt like I was doing the right thing, and I felt like I found the right doctor. I couldn’t have asked for better – I just couldn’t have. It’s the best thing I’ve ever done in my life.” Penny’s advice to other women is to know their plastic surgeon’s history, and know how many procedures they’ve done. “100 procedures are not good enough. The more breast reductions your plastic surgeon has done, the more issues he’s encountered.” And her “best recommendation,” she adds, is to go to the surgeon she chose at Marina Plastic Surgery Associates.


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